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Come breathe with us, dive into your potential, and journey within at our FREE 3-day festival, where transformation is only a breath away!

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Mastering Abundance:
Unlock your power to create prosperity

February 19th

Join this FREE 2-hour workshop and discover how to shift your perception of abundance and see it in your life right now!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join Alchemy of Breath Founder Anthony Abbagnano in this transformative inquiry. Register now and take the first step towards mastering abundance in your life.

The Alchemy of Trauma & Self-Love

May 14th

Discover a new path to wholeness and healing. Join this FREE 2-hour workshop and discover how to move forward with resilience and self-love

Breathe The World Festival​

June 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Come breathe with us, dive into your potential, and journey within at our FREE 3-day festival, where transformation is only a breath away!

Discovery Workshop

September 1st

In less than a year’s time, you can transform your inner and outer world and be helping others do the same with the beautiful gift of Breathwork. If this sounds like something that might interest you, please join us at our Breathwork Training Certification Discovery Workshop.

Our training is paced over 8 months, and designed for people of all backgrounds and levels of Breathwork expertise – from novice to advanced. So wherever you are at, you are welcome!

Introduction to Breathwork Facilitation

June 22nd

Are you curious what Breathwork is and what it’s benefits are? Or are you curious which skills Breathwork Facilitators develop in our training in order to guide Breathwork in a safe and effective way?

If you answered yes to either, than this event is for you!

Our next Breathwork Facilitator Training starts with an open orientation on March 27th and we have opened the first training class for our entire community to join.

10-day BreathCamp at ASHA!


Join us for a 10-day Residential Breathwork Retreat!

Breathcamp is for everyone serious about personal and global transformation. Whether you’d like to incorporate this work into your daily life, and/or become a facilitator, all levels are welcome!

4 Breathcamps from June to September


Led by Anthony Abbagnano, these free breathwork sessions focus on working through grief and anxiety
October 9th & 16th

Release the burden of anxiety and create an inner oasis of calm that can be maintained amidst a chaotic world.

Grief is something so many of us have experienced in our lifetime, but sadly – most of us never actually deal with it.
Left unresolved, grief can manifest itself in profound and unexpected ways, affecting your relationships, self-esteem and other areas of your life.

In two upcoming Sunday Breathe sessions, we’ll take the first steps toward tackling anxiety and the negativity it brings to our lives using the power of the breath.

Recurring events

Breathe the World

Hosted by Anthony Abbagnano & The AoB Trainers

Unlock the Power of Conscious Breathing and Connection.

Bring awareness to the breath to go beyond what you normally understand of the world. Learn how your own breath can give you information about yourself or your situation, that you didn’t have or know already.

Alchemy Meditation

Hosted by Pablo Castro

Connect with your Felt Sense and cross the portal into pure potential.

The Alchemy Meditation is a somatic meditation that helps attune us to our Felt Sense. During this 40 minute meditation, we anchor ourselves with the breath, turn our focus to body sensations and tap into the archive of body memory. We practice remaining alert, open, and receptive to any sensation that comes across our field.

Ceremonial Breathwork

Hosted by Kim Kindersley

A Collective Prayer for a New Earth.

You will join Kim Kindersley as he guides you to realms of ancient wisdom using the sacred power of the Breath.

Claim your place, not just in our circle, but as someone who really, really would like to see a change in the world around us. It starts right here, right now, with the next choice you make


No time for in-person events? Don’t worry! We offer a range of online study options, giving you the perfect opportunity to work with us at your own pace. Our online programs have been carefully designed to allow you to fit an increasing range of our courses around your existing time and life commitments. Some are hosted in real time, and some are pre-recorded, but all can be watched at your leisure, so you need never miss out again on developing your passion for the breath.

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