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Quantum Shift SERIES

From Trauma to Trust​

Break the cycle of trauma that may be silently sabotaging your relationships. This is an opportunity to gain all the insights and wisdom that Amy and Anthony have acquired from decades of research and guiding healing offerings.


Beyond Forgiveness​

Go on a 3-day journey with Anthony Abbagnano & Amy Rachelle. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness, heal old relationship wounds, open to deeper intimacy, and become the author of your life!


Reclaiming Innocence

Anthony Abbagnano & Amy Rachelle take you on a 3-day journey to understand what ‘inner reconciliation’ means & why it’s important to intimacy. Includes 3 breathwork workshops & special bonuses.


Learning to Love​

Join Anthony Abbagnano & Amy Rachelle on a 3-day journey to boost self-love & self-compassion and to heal your relationships. Includes 3 breathwork workshops, 3 deepening practices and a special bonus.


Fear to Fierce Grace​

Transform Fear to Fierce Grace with Alchemy of Breath’s 3-day course, taught by Anthony Abbagnano. The goal of Fear to Fierce Grace is to transform fear, anxiety, and other constrictive emotions into something expansive, beautiful, and graceful.


From Pain to Gain​

Take this powerful sample of Anthony’s teachings to reset your expectations, hopes and what you really want in life. Using a powerful inquiry system and a 25 minute breathwork, you could change your life direction in under an hour!


Breath Secrets

Breath Secrets

Breath & Sex

This course contains the collective wisdom of both Anthony & Amy and their decades of experience and explorations with the breath and healing. Bring light to negative imprints such as guilt, shame, shyness, fear, and trauma around sexuality.


The Bridge Workshop

with Anthony Abbagnano

3-hour recorded workshop with a LIVE follow-up session

Discover clear insights on this bridge, taking you step by step towards personal growth and deep self-improvement.

$249 $49

ONLINE Courses

Alchemy Meditation

with Pablo Castro

Do you want to improve your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills? Join Pablo Castro on a 10-day meditation journey to unlock the power of the Felt Sense.


Transforming Anxiety

with Anthony Abbagnano

What if anxiety is not personal? How would your life change if you transformed the energy of anxiety into something positive – what would you choose?



Alchemy Downloads

Full Package

Get the full package of breathworks for a great price, and use each one when you wish!


1-Hour Breathwork Session

Guided by Anthony, this is perfect daily practice. Bring your questions and concerns, be ready for a deep dive into the inner landscapes of your soul to discover your own inner guru.


5-Minute Morning Breath

Ever heard the expression “drink coffee and do stupid things more quickly”? This short breath practice will not just wake you up, it will get you in the fast lane without the negative side effects.


The Lions Breath

Need to stay calm and alert? You can master this short practice in one session and return to it whenever you wish. The best way to prepare for situations that may unnerve you, or as a response to those times when you need to get a handle on situations that challenge you.


20 Minutes End Of The Day

Sometimes we can’t help bring the problems of the day home with us. Use this short practice to create closure with the pace of the day. Come home to your centre and resource yourself and those you love by this powerful, yet balancing breathwork.


40-Minute Breath Meditation

Feeling stuck? There is a fountain of creative life force that is waiting to be released. Anthony will guide you into the realms of the unconscious and the unknown to reveal where your power lies.


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