Breathcamp 2024

8 retreats from May to September

ASHA Retreat & Community Center

Tuscany, Italy

Time for a Fresh Start?

Join us for a 10-day Breathwork Retreat!

8 retreats from May to September

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Learning, growing, healing & restoration await you!

Breathcamp is for everyone serious about personal and global transformation. Whether you are completely new to Breathwork - or would like to become a certified Breathwork facilitator from the most accredited academy in the world - ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME

No matter where you are in your breathwork journey – a newbie, an advanced breather, a graduate, or alumni – join us to further your exploration and move forward with more  self-compassion, forgiveness and care.

Our tailored programs range from an introduction to breathwork for newbies, from deepening your why, to highlighting special classes for graduating students, that can’t be done online.

Learn new skills that give you confidence in yourself and your relationships.  Bring your strengthened personal power into your every day life, personal to professional. 

The learning atmosphere you are invited to co-create is one of Courage, Transformstion, and Surrender. And it is so exciting!

Imagine waking up in the nourishment of nature. Imagine being surrounded by authentic, empathic people who support you in feeling safe enough to simply be you - without pretense, embarrassment, or shame.
That’s what an Alchemy of Breath retreat is all about.

Our Breathcamps embrace you in a family environment that supports the growth and changes you want to make.  They help you to fulfill the greatness of who you are, so you can know yourself better, and perhaps even consciously step into why you’re alive in these particular times.

Anthony and Amy’s retreat and community center, ASHA, will be your home away from home for BreathCamp. Located on 30 acres of natural beauty, it’s a serene setting tucked below a medieval village in Southern Tuscany

Your camp experience includes:

Breathcamp in one word: WOW! I loved every single moment of Breathcamp. The learning and growth were beyond. It truly felt like a deep dive into the breath, where all our online experiences accumulated in one incredible experience.

As a first-timer, I’m blown away, and committed to this path for life. What a relief to just be who I am. I felt held throughout the entire experience.

ALL Breathcampers ENJOY...

Daily Breathwork

Unlock the power of conscious breathing. Gain insights and awareness with themed breathworks by our team of facilitators and graduating students. Pick up tips and tricks you can apply to your own life, including Active Listening, public speaking and facilitation techniques.  

Daily guided breathwork sessions put you on the fast track for lasting change. Receive 360-degree support from the Alchemy family, and optionally book private sessions with the Trainers and when present, the Founders themselves.

Making Changes In Your Life

Using fun exercises, deep inquiry, and the breath,  work as a team with your fellow BreathCamp members to discover your unique way of using the breath. Get traction where you need it most, and transform relationships into vibrant co-creativity in this loving, supportive, community of practice.

Healthy Plant-Based Meals

Nourish yourself on all levels. Fuel and energize your body while you work, with healthy, nutrient-rich, plant-based meals every day. ​

Support Network

During your journey with us, be held and sustained by our team of mentors, trainers, well-being facilitators, and on ground support team.  Give yourself permission to receive, let go, and share who you are – in emotional safety.

Water Breathwork

Experience the magical journey of breathing in water and its profound effects. Some say it feels  like the birth journey itself, and being reborn.

Expand Your Horizons

Discover mentoring opportunities, experience other breath and healing modalities, and get prepared to work professionally.

Discover the power of networking with fellow members, students, graduates, and the Alchemy team.

Be Inspired & Gain Traction In Your Life!

There are so many beautiful people around that make sure that your journey is being guided the way it should be and they will support you. They will always be there for you so you'll never be alone, you'll never be on your own and you'll always be held by people that know where you're going through.

I never felt so supported. I didn't think I had the courage to change some really big issues in my life, but Breathcamp changed all that. By day 3 I understood what my next steps were, by day 8 I had already taken them!


The Trainers

Anthony Abbagnano

Anthony Abbagnano, is a visionary thought leader, breath expert, and founder of the internationally accredited breathwork school Alchemy of Breath, and ASHA, Alchemy School of Healing Arts.

Amy Rachelle

Amy Rachelle, ND is a medical medium and naturopath specializing in food as medicine, detox, and working intuitively. She's also the co-founder of Alchemy of Breath and ASHA.

Kerry Veitch

Master Trainer

with a focus now on embodiment practices such as Internal Family Systems and Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing. She loves sharing the healing power of the breath with others and has created the UK’s first Breathwork Festival.

Emily Ray Henderson

Master Trainer

Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, 500 HR-RYT Yoga Instructor and Facilitator.
Emily has been leading trainings with AoB for 4 years and is currently based in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.​

Pablo Castro

Master Trainer

His passion for the felt sense and water therapy is at the core of what he shares with one to one’s and groups around the world. He’s been a lead trainer with AoB for 4 years, and is based in Bali.

Simona Dvorackova


She has a variety of skill sets and experience in modalities such as body work, energy healing and hypnotherapy.

Giulia Vaccari


She uses craniosacral therapy, reiki, movement, and breathwork to tune in with the inner wisdom of the body and reconnect with our inherent source of health and vitality.

sara quiggin

Sara Quiggin


psychotherapeutic talk therapy for a deep dive into one’s emotions and experiences. Additionally, she facilitates yoga and meditation classes.

Angela Oakes

Angela Oakes


She’s a Reiki and Yoga teacher, a multi skilled bodywork therapist and Breathwork practitioner. Angie is lit up by how the felt sense guides Breathwork and informs every life affirming modality.


Nick Garrow-Fisher


 ask, own, & shed limiting beliefs. He draws on diverse tools like dance, IFS, and boundaries to unleash your fullest self.

This revision cuts unnecessary phrasing and highlights the key points: Nick encourages self-expression and utilizes various methods to guide you towards it.

Harmony Hannigan

Harmony Hannigan


psychologist and Breathwork facilitator. Bringing a lifetime of experience within the wellness field, she shares her skills with care and compassion. She holds retreats, trainings and workshops on her land in Spain as well as internationally in addition to attending to her 1:1 clients.

Our Breathers' Experiences

Attending Breathwork retreat has profoundly changed my life! I met the most amazing people, accepting every messy bit of me and showering me with love and support. The sessions and classes helped me to connect with my intuition on a very deep and safe level. I highly recommend the whole experience, it will push you forward in your processes in a way you wouldn't expect.

I'm quite new to breathwork. Breathing techniques that they use here are wow, so powerful. I literally connected with my ancestors and it was the most loving beautiful experience that I could have ever imagined. They brought me to tears, I got rid of so many things out of me that were in the body and then it just released me to this loving kind of happy place where I can see that the universe is actually not hostile.

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8 retreats from May to September


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Pricing & Accommodation

All options include:

Single Room Ensuite


Full Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Breathcamp

Enjoy a private room with its own bathroom in the Main House. Its perfect for one person with its own single bed, and desk. In your own private oasis, rest, process, and be in your own space.


Shared room

2 in a room, ensuite bathroom

pricing is per person

Public Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Breathcamp

With 2 single beds to a room, these rooms have a private bathroom that only 2 people share, with their own gender.  This accommodation is rustic, unique, and cozy!  Pricing is per person.


Shared room

2 in a room, with shared bathroom


Public Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Breathcamp

With 2 single beds to a room, they are shared with the same sex, in a private cottage.  The bathroom is shared between 4 people that may be of mixed gender.  This beautiful 3 bedroom cottage has its own living room and kitchen, and is newly renovated. Pricing is per person.


Shared room

3 in a room, with private bathroom

pricing is per person

Public Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Breathcamp

Each room with 3 single beds has its own private bathroom. The beds are typically a meter apart, and shared with the same sex.  These rooms are located in either a private cottage, or in the Main House.  Pricing is per person.

Shared & Private

Glamping in ASHA tent

price is per person

Public Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Single (one person)
10-day Twin (2 people)
10-day Triple (3 people)

Guests love our bell tents.  Furnished with 1, 2 or 3 single mattresses, share with others, or take a solo single option in your own tent.  They are lovely, nicely furnished, and so very close to nature.  You’re also welcome to use our facilities. Please note:  May and September weather can be variable, use at your own risk, as we don’t offer refunds.


Come in a camper

Package Description

Public Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Breathcamp (1 person)
10-day Breathcamp (2 people)

Campers are welcome at ASHA, we have limited space so we suggest booking asap, as this is one of our most popular options.  You’re welcome to use all of our facilities. Like to bring a guest?  See our FAQ’s for more information.  


Bring your own tent

Package Description

Public Price

Super Early Bird Price

10-day Breathcamp (1 person)
10-day Breathcamp (2 people)

Pitch your own tent in our secluded woods.  You’re welcome to us our facilities as well.  Be sure to bring all your own bedding, tent, and whatever else you may need. Please note:  May and September weather can be variable, use at your own risk as we don’t offer refunds.


Private Cottage

Suitable for 1-2 persons

Package Description


10-day Booked for one
10-day Booked for two

We have 2 private cottages. One is a stand alone open studio with a double canopy bed from Bali. The other is a 2 room cottage, with the bedroom facing an open field.  Both cottages have a cozy living room space, kitchen, and their own bathroom. This is ideal for a single person or 2 people sharing a bed. 

Frequently Asked Questions


No sorry, we aren’t able to do that.

Yes, as a new member, alumni student, or mentor – you can do that.  Please note:  graduating students are required to stay the full course duration to graduate.

Thank you for the question.  You are so very welcome, at exactly the stage you are at.  You’ll be surrounded by graduates of Breathwork, who’s speciality is people just like you, just where you’re at.  So, know the content and care is for two groups – both advanced (our graduates), and the general public, who are at varying stages of experience (many breathing for the first time).  Just know, you’ll be held and taken care of in a beautiful way from the very start of your breathwork journey! Exciting!

On this page, below the FAQ’s, please see the section “How To Get To ASHA” – for full travel info.

There is no taxi service in our immediate area.  There is a public taxi service from Chiusi train station (50 minutes away), and it costs about 120 euros, one way.   For more details, see the PDF below, “How To Get To ASHA.”

It’s about 1.5 kilometers or a 20 minute very beautiful walk along a vast massive view of the valley.  It’s up a big hill from ASHA, so it’s for the fit-minded.  Otherwise, it’s a 5 minute drive.

Yes, free wifi is available in the main house and Dharma Den, though not in the rooms, or around the property.

We suggest picking up a TIM or Wind SIM card when you arrive Italy. Because ASHA is half hour away from a major town, it’s important to pick it up before coming to ASHA.

At ASHA we have 7 cats, and 2 dogs.  Given the sensitive nature of cats (and previous not so great experiences with dogs chasing them) leashes are required – and strictly enforced.   And no, our dogs are not on leashes as they are integrated with our cats. They know who the boss is, and we know where they poo.  We are surrounded by endless woods where your dog can roam free, though please keep them on a leash while at ASHA.  Also, please be mindful of cleaning up poo so no one steps in it!  There’s a 40 euro donation fee per pet.

The nearest laundry mat is about 20 minutes away in Aquapendente.

Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot. Please do not smoke inside or outside of your room, in the common areas, or other areas of ASHA, and all camp locations.  And do consider that smoking isn’t a part of our culture, and not encouraged.

There are 2 restaurants in Castell’Azzara: La Tana d’Orso – which is a favorite, and a pizzeria called La Rosa dei Venti.  Also in nearby San Giovanni delle Contee(10 minutes drive away), there’s Osteria Maccalè – we love this place.  Also check out the nearby towns for more options (that are super beautiful) Pitigliano and Sorano.

Please keep in mind we are well-being center… this just isn’t the place for smoking, drugs, or alcohol. Like to have a glass of wine here and there?  Sure.  Though we trust you understand the nature of this work, and will not abuse the use of wine, just because it’s part of Italian culture (at ASHA, and in general while staying in the area).

There’s one grocery store – The Co-op – and veg store, and a Thursday morning produce/general stuff market as well. The Co-op does have some organic dry products.  We recommend bringing any speciality items. It’s basic in Castell’Azzara, not bad, though basic.

There are many hiking trails around ASHA! If you’re interested, we recommend checking with our community member Stuart, who knows pretty much all of them. Castell’Azzara is surrounded with beautiful villages, such as Pitigliano or Sorano. There are also many historical sites dating back to the Etruscan people, the ancestors whose spirits are still spreading blessings to the land around ASHA.

Kids are welcome at ASHA, and a huge part of our vision.  There’s plenty of space for them to roam around in a safe environment. Please be responsible for them at all times, including their clean up in communal spaces. Kids can only stay in private accommodation with their guardian (tent, glamping, camper, or private cottage) – not in shared accommodation with other students.  Kids under 10 eat and stay for free. Kids 11 and over are charged for food and accommodation at New Member pricing, with a 20% discount.  Attentive kids are welcome to join Breathcamp at the discretion of the trainer and facilitator of each session. Reach out to for more information, and to receive a special 20% coupon code.  This offer applies for each kid in a family.

Yes, you can arrive one day earlier.  Check-in is on the Thursday before Camp starts on Friday, after 3 pm.


You can also stay one day longer. Check-out is on the Monday, after your Camp ends on Sunday, by 3 pm.


Please book your extra nights when you sign up. The extra-night prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No sorry, this is not an option.

Yes! Please keep in mind that due to the nature of our work, intimacy is usually at an all time high. Please don’t mistake that as an emotional or sexual invitation. Be considerate of others personal space, and don’t assume anything.  And… please keep sexuality in general out of the equation unless you arrived as a couple. Together, let’s protect a safe space for everyone.

Absolutely. We suggest setting your own boundaries, and clearly communicating them as needed. You’re also welcome to reach out to the mentors and team if you need support.  Take your space as needed!

See the typical daily schedule posted above?  Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive more information on exact details☀️

We finish after lunch, around 2 pm on the final day.


  • Well-being/healing sessions (fees apply)
  • Pool
  • Complimentary coffee and tea table

Checkin at 3 pm on Friday, the first day of your camp.   Checkout is 3 pm on Sunday, the last day of your camp.   Lunch will be served at 1 pm on the last day of your camp.

No sorry, that option isn’t available.

Based on feedback from our students and guests, we have decided not to offer single-day passes this year. This change is intended to preserve and protect the container for everyone in attendance.

As a graduating student yes. If you are new to us – no.  We also offer 5 day camps. Please see this page for complete details. Our graduating facilitator students are required to be present for the full BreathCamp.

Potentially. Book together to stay together at the same time. If you’re booking last minute we may not be able to accommodate your reques. Be sure to submit your request on the intake form when you sign up – very important..

We’re sorry but due to high demand, your reservation is only confirmed once payment has been made and we cannot hold rooms for you.

During May and September, the weather can be variable, so use at your own risk as we don’t offer refunds.

This is only possible for a spouse – in a tent, camper, or private cottage at New Member pricing, with a 20% discount.  Your spouse is also welcome to use our facilities, join meals, and book healing sessions. Classes can also be taken ala carte.  Do let us know in advance at, so we can give you a discount coupon for their registration.

Well-Being Sessions

Contact… and our reservationist will help you.  You can also book at ASHA upon arrival.

Life Direction Coaching & Breathwork Private with Anthony, private Intuitive Readings with Amy, Sound Healing, Massage, and More.  If you’d like to book with Anthony and Amy, we suggest booking asap as space is limited.  Contact info

What should I bring?

Extra costs

Your stay is all-inclusive, except for:

Terms & COVID Compliance

We recommend securing travel insurance to cover Covid regulations, changes, etc… as applicable, depending on variable Covid circumstances (that may or may not arise when you come to ASHA).

Because the situation is still current, we will update any requirements for testing, etc., closer to the date.

We recommend bringing your own yoga mat for safety.

We do not offer refunds.

BreathCamp locations are non-transferable.

All students are required to stay on-site at ASHA.  No exceptions except for resident students who live around ASHA for at least 6 months out of the year.

Please note that the weather can be variable and it is difficult to predict in May and September, therefore for the tent and glamping options use at your own risk, refunds are not possible.

Depending on the circumstances and availability, it may be possible to attend a BreathCamp different date.

Should we cancel BreathCamp, we will refund the full amount, minus currency exchange and bank platform fees we may be charged.

Please see full terms and conditions here for more information.  By making payment, you agree to our full terms and conditions in the above link.  Please be sure to read this carefully for full details.

How To Get To ASHA

Località Le Piane, Castell’azzara, GR 58034

Put this in your navigator:



Taxi service from the train is available at about 100+ euros per trip.

For more information travel info, please download this PDF:

10-day Breathcamp:

5-day breathcamp:

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