Welcome to our live events and workshops page. Discover more about the events we are currently hosting all over the world, and experience the power of working with Anthony and the AoB team in person. Allow yourself to be touched by the breath and a life-affirming sense of community; join us as we carry the message of the breath out into the world.

Below you will find an up-to-date listing of all current live sessions.


7th August- 9th August 2020


Have you ever felt that no matter how you may wish things to change, that they end up the same way? Or that the resolutions you make don’t stick, no matter the strength of your commitment? Do you ever feel like a victim or perhaps find yourself dependant on the love and approval of others?


If yes, breathe easy because you are not alone, it is not your fault, and our upcoming 3-day course is an extraordinary opportunity for you to regain your power and positively transform the trajectory of your life! 


Friday, August 7th | 09:30 am – 11:30 am | UK Time | 2 hours

Saturday, August 8th | 09:30 am – 11:30 am | UK Time | 2 hours

Sunday, August 9th |09:30 am – 11:30 am | UK Time | 2 hours


In This Free 3-day Quantum Shift Event You Will: 

  • Embark on 3 breathwork journeys where you will breathe through discomfort, transcend darkness, and sow the seeds for a victorious life
  • Turn old concepts upside-down and replace them with a newfound ability to make choices that serve you and those around you
  • Gain a new awareness of the dynamics of relationships
  • Discover why you may find yourself in the mire of other people’s drama and how to avoid getting stuck in the swamp
  • Learn how to achieve a deep state of presence and humble leadership
  • Cultivate the ability to feel extreme compassion without being codependent
  • Learn how to create healthy, loving, co-committed relationships
  • Extract yourself from internal narratives that hold you back
  • Develop a newfound creativity and equanimity in your life and in your relationships
  • And so much more!


21st August 2020


Where does your Sovereignty Lie? Breathwork with Anthony Abbagnano

Join us for a wonder-filled exploration into understanding our role as curators of a new world.

In a moment where safety is paramount, we will use exercises and the breath to connect our subconscious to the cosmic code, to rewrite outdated scripts and emerge as game-changers of substance.

Seeds are to be planted for a new world, and they need our conscious care and nourishment. What is your role in the co-creating something different? What are the next steps you can take, that can nurture new possibilities?

Anthony will run this workshop live.

Let’s breathe!

Have a mat / yoga mat and a blanket, cushion ready,  & most of all your own sense of vigorous inquiry and curiosity!

(The same event will be held twice in one day to help cover all time zones, one at 9:30 – 11:30 London, UK and the other at 18:30 – 20:30)


26 October- 2 November 2020


Yes we are back! Join us on the magical, mythical Island of the Gods for Bali BreathCamp October 2020. We are so lucky to have found this extraordinary venue on the west side of Ubud. Pondok Wayhu is known for its authentic elegance and fabulous views over the Sayan Valley. Many have breathed here before, the space is known for its transformative power. Relax around the 25 metre pool and relax into paradise.


Pondok Wahyu is a few short minutes from some of the worlds best restaurants, yet it’s out of the hustle and bustle of this extraordinary little town.


Make sure to come early so you can enjoy: a massage; superb international dining (there are several hundred restaurants in Ubud); visit traditional Balinese healers; take a cooking course; enjoy shopping at huge savings; visit the healing baths, and don’t forget to visit the Alchemy Restaurant too!




No time for in-person events? Don’t worry! We offer a range of online study options, giving you the perfect opportunity to work with us at your own pace. Our online programs have been carefully designed to allow you to fit an increasing range of our courses around your existing time and life commitments. Some are hosted in real time, and some are pre-recorded, but all can be watched at your leisure, so you need never miss out again on developing your passion for the breath.