Welcome to our live events and workshops page. Discover more about the events we are currently hosting all over the world, and experience the power of working with Anthony and the AoB team in person. Allow yourself to be touched by the breath and a life-affirming sense of community; join us as we carry the message of the breath out into the world.

Below you will find an up-to-date listing of all current live sessions.

Psychedelic Breathwork with Alchemy of Breath

Thursday 20 Feb 18.45 – 21.30

Why do people pursue Psychedelic experiences and what are the presenting issues in doing so?

We are master creators of our experiences of life and the world around us, both in our normal day-to-day life and in our exploration of the possibilities arising from using other methods and tools to access a wider range of consciousness. 

Any experience which leads to an ‘altered’ (i.e non ordinary) state of consciousness can be felt as one of many things. Perhaps it’s exciting and curious, perhaps fear inducing and alarming, perhaps leaving us with a feeling of not being fully back in the body. Whatever the experience is, it’s important to be able to understand and integrate our thoughts, feelings and emotions around such experiences. 

Using the natural resource of the breath, and the intentions we set in the mind and heart, we can access through the body a wealth of possible ways of seeing the world. Not everything can be explained in words, but everything is felt in the body, so what does the body need in order to create real integration from these ‘psychedelic’ experiences?

For this presentation, Anthony Abbagnano, founder of Alchemy of Breath, will create an experiential exploration of how the ‘’Breath State’’ can illuminate, deepen and integrate the psychedelic states & other out of body experiences in an embodied way.



Friday 21 Feb, Saturday 22 Feb and Sunday 23 Feb at Triyoga soho, 2nd floor kingly court, carnaby street, W1B5PW

The Hero’s Journey to Love: What does ‘love’ mean to you?  Are you “in love?” Perhaps with life, a partner, a place or an object? And what about you – are you in love with yourself, and does this include all of you or is it conditional – when I achieve this, or get slimmer, or move to the next place or city or country, or land my dream job…then I will really love myself. Can you love and embrace the gritty parts of yourself with as much gusto as the shiny parts? 

If you answered no, then take a breath of reassurance. It’s not personal! In fact 90% of us have a concept of self-love and love that is conditional, but what would it look like to simply ‘be love’?

In this two day workshop (Sat / Sun) we will explore this theme together. We will breathe into the awareness of love, and its absence, and find new ways of understanding how it emerges in our lives. How we can learn to receive more!? And how would that change the perception of those who love us? 

Join Anthony and the team for this workshop as we set sail on a voyage of discovery into LOVE! 

The series of three workshops are either designed to be completed together, or you can dip in for just one day. The Friday evening class is an introduction to Breathwork. 



Monday, 24 February, 2020


Anthony Abbagnano and Amy Rachelle will be making a rare and intimate appearance in London at the Mandrake Hotel, on Monday 24th February. In this session we will dive deep into the psyche and learn how to read the messages that are there to be heard.

In just one evening you will have the chance to get to know yourself in a completely different way, to visit the boundaries of consciousness and look over the edge. If you have questions about life, a need to unplug and detox from a busy schedule, or you could use a creative boost to balance out life in the city, then this could be for you.

Anthony has breathed hundreds of thousands of people over the last decade, and his wife Amy is a seer and intuitive. It’s not often they have the chance to facilitate together, but when they do it provides for a powerful and memorable experience.

From reading the energy of the group, we will co-create a theme that matches the mood, and dive into a breathwork experience that will uplift, reveal, and support your own intimate self-love – the portal through which others seek to love you too!


12 March- 16 May 2020


Yes we are back! Join us on the magical, mythical Island of the Gods for Bali BreathCamp 2020. We are so lucky to have found this extraordinary venue on the west side of Ubud. Pondok Wayhu is known for its authentic elegance and fabulous views over the Sayan Valley. Many have breathed here before, the space is known for its transformative power. Relax around the 25 metre pool and relax into paradise.


Pondok Wahyu is a few short minutes from some of the worlds best restaurants, yet it’s out of the hustle and bustle of this extraordinary little town.


Make sure to come early so you can enjoy: a massage; superb international dining (there are several hundred restaurants in Ubud); visit traditional Balinese healers; take a cooking course; enjoy shopping at huge savings; visit the healing baths, and don’t forget to visit the Alchemy Restaurant too!


27 April – 4 May 2020


DISCOVER THE PARADISE WITHIN – Hidden Paradise retreat centre is nestled in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountain range, on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada. A small, family run retreat centre, Hidden Paradise is well accustomed to transformation. The sensitive, delicate atmosphere is perfect for the work we will do, and the food and accommodation package is great value too. Mountain views, peaceful walks and dramatic landscapes set the scene for our gathering. 
Come discover the secret…

The foundation of this retreat is rooted in our innovative Alchemist program, purposely curated to create real change. This isn’t theory; it’s about discovering your power and gaining mastery in your life. This retreat offers you the opportunity to take a deep dive into the core of your identity, emerge victoriously, and bring back the treasures that await. 

Using daily guided breathwork sessions to embody this, you’ll be able to put your insights, awareness, and newfound gifts to immediate use. With the guidance our teachers and team offer, you won’t just talk about change; you will become it!



No time for in-person events? Don’t worry! We offer a range of online study options, giving you the perfect opportunity to work with us at your own pace. Our online programs have been carefully designed to allow you to fit an increasing range of our courses around your existing time and life commitments. Some are hosted in real time, and some are pre-recorded, but all can be watched at your leisure, so you need never miss out again on developing your passion for the breath.