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Alchemy Meditation

Reconnect to your felt sense

Do you...

want to improve your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and communication skills?​

Do you...

ever have a ‘gut feeling’, without being sure what it means?

Do you...

sometimes feel your chest tighten, but you don’t know why?​​

Your body is trying to tell you something – you just need to know how to listen.

Reconnecting to your felt sense with Alchemy Meditation can help.

Learn to recognise unconscious emotions using your felt sense

Sometimes we defend ourselves from overwhelming or painful experiences by hiding them from our conscious awareness. But though our mind may forget, our body remembers. Every experience, emotion, action, or reaction we’ve ever been through is stored in our body archive – a sort of inner library of our lives.

Tapping into the felt sense is like having a key to the body archive. It allows us to identify and acknowledge all our emotions in their nuances and complexities, which is the first step towards processing and healing. Practiced regularly, it can be an empowering tool for transformation.

What is the felt sense?

‘Felt sense’ describes a connection between our mind and body. You might also hear it described as ‘bodily awareness’.

A physical rather than mental experience, felt sense is a combination of emotion, awareness, intuitiveness and embodiment. Think of it as an internal aura that encompasses everything you feel and know about something at a given time. It can’t be broken down into parts, or described by any single word.

Like a ‘gut feeling’, or the way a particular piece of music moves you, or that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see a friend after a long time.

Studies have found our ability to reference our sensations and feelings within our own body has a remarkable impact on the outcome of therapy. That’s because learning to tap into our felt sense gives us greater self-awareness and understanding of our emotions – the first step towards healing.

In today’s overstimulating world, many of us disconnect from our felt sense – or bodily awareness – early on. Rediscovering it doesn’t come naturally to most adults. Like any skill, it takes practice.

Reconnect to your felt sense with Alchemy Meditation

What if – by simply paying attention to your body sensations for a few minutes, a few times a day – you could understand yourself and the world around you in a completely new way?

Alchemy Meditation empowers you to reconnect with your felt sense through somatic meditation. In this 10-day course, you’ll learn how to recognise and understand body sensations that may have previously gone unnoticed, caused confusion, or even discomfort.

Through daily lessons and meditations, you’ll develop invaluable skills to use in your daily life.

The investment $179



Understand the felt sense

Learn more about this powerful tool – from its origins to contemporary use – and find out why its conception was such a valuable contribution to psychotherapy.


Increase your self-awareness

Cultivate awareness of your postures and pains and practice your ability to recognise the messages your body sends to improve your presence and intuition.


Improve your emotional intelligence

Learn to recognise and respond to complex and nuanced emotions in yourself and others, and become a more empathetic partner, friend, mentor and support.


Develop your communication skills

Gain the vocabulary to express your emotions, which you can use to deepen your relationships – with your loved ones, your mentors and therapists, or even your students.


Discover a powerful tool for healing

Equip yourself to acknowledge your unconscious emotions, so you can begin to process past traumas and move towards recovery.


Get transformational results quickly

Invest just 20 minutes a day for 10 days and come away with insight and tools that can change your life for the better.


Learn in your own space at your own pace

With lifetime access to the online course, you can work through the sessions wherever you are, whenever you have the time. And come back to them as many times as you like.


Sample our facilitator training program

Alchemy Meditation forms part of the Alchemy of Breath breathwork facilitator training program. This course is an ideal introduction to our teaching and syllabus, giving you a taste without the commItment.

To me, there is something about being superhuman that exists in the felt sense.

It creates a huge shift in life perspective, because our awareness is not just controlled by the mind, but informed by the body too.

There are millions of possible sensations in the body, and each one is a communication received by the mind, but all too quickly discarded in favour of what grabs attention.

Understanding the felt sense is like shifting from black and white to full technicolour.

Anthony AbbagnanoFounder of Alchemy of Breath

What you’ll learn

Creating the Container for Our Journey Together
The Foundation – The Alchemy Meditation
The Art of Listening
Art of Feeling
Language of the Felt Sense – Sensations
The Alchemy
Healing Fragmentation Coming Into Wholeness Through the Felt Sense
Relationships Deepen Intimacy Through the Felt Sense
Lead with Intuition Leadership, Facilitation and Decisions
Continuing the Exploration

The investment $179

What you’ll get

10-day course
10-minute lesson each day
10-minute guided meditation each day
Bonus 30-minute guided meditation
Online content you can access anywhere
Lifetime access to the course - complete at a time that suits you


Michal Piasecki

Alchemy meditation is so many things: it’s a way to drop into the here and now, to the present moment, drop into the temple of your body and raise your body awareness. The practice brings calmness and often leads to insights. I love to take part and facilitate it.


Every time I do an Alchemy meditation with Pablo, I have the most profound experience and I feel so many things shift afterward! This is one of my favorite meditations to connect with myself on a deep level.

Jacynthe Côté

The AOB meditation with Pablo is such an amazing tool to drop into your felt sense and connect with yourself! Pablo guides with his heart and creates a loving space of exploration. Thank you, Pablo!

Jihyun Choi

Alchemy meditation has allowed me to have access to my deeper self, intuition, and my own healing power potential. With Alchemy meditation, I do quickly slow down my thoughts more than just simply noticing my breath awareness. By doing so, it feels like I’m having an intimate conversation with my inner self, which charges my soul. I learn to trust myself more and more with this meditation.

Meet Your Instructor

Pablo Castro

Pablo Castro has been a facilitator and trainer with Alchemy of Breath for over four years, holding space for thousands of breathers and guiding hundreds of students to becoming breathwork facilitators.

He leads online and in-person practices for groups and one-to-one clients, hosting both Alchemy of Breath events and private retreats around the world.

He facilitates Alchemy Meditation to complement breathwork practice, but also as an empowering tool for transformation in itself. He believes shifting from searching outward to looking inward through breathwork and the felt sense is the secret to a more contented life.

The body is an archive of everything that has ever happened for us and to us. If we wish to transform or find ourselves, we must become more aware of how and who we are in this moment. This meditation is like saying, “Alright life, I’m here and I’m ready!” I believe it’s one of the strongest therapies around – and only we can do the work.

Pablo CastroTrainer at Alchemy of Breath

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The investment $179

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