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What is Alchemy Meditation?

The Alchemy Meditation is a somatic meditation that helps attune us to our Felt Sense. During this 40 minute meditation, we anchor ourselves with the breath, turn our focus to body sensations and tap into the archive of body memory. We practice remaining alert, open, and receptive to any sensation that comes across our field. We give it our full focus, attention, and awareness, without trying to analyze or judge it. Bodily sensations are ever-changing and during the meditation, we watch them as they shift and transform. This is an invitation to move away from the mind and into the body and to connect with our ever-changing sensory, energetic, and emotional landscape.

Why Focus on Sensations?

Sensations are portals. What is through that portal is pure possibility, pure potential. Together we start by slowing things down a bit and getting to know how and where we are with feeling body sensations. Then we can start moving into what comes next! In this Alchemical meditation we practice remaining alert, open, and receptive to any sensation that comes across our field. We give it our full focus, attention, and awareness, and then watch it as it shifts and moves. At first, it may be just a second or two that we can offer this quality of focus. Each time we bring ourselves back something happens and we are able to stay longer. This is an invitation to pay attention in a new way and to cultivate greater awareness in all moments of our lives. It is about learning to feel fully again.

Learn to Listen to the Messages of Your Body

The body is always speaking to us and sending us signals of how we are doing. But it takes practice, patience, and intention to be open to its messages – both the big and subtle. Alchemy meditation is a journey back into the body and into balance/relationship with our body. Turning towards our feelings is a conscious invitation to the body to speak to us, and it opens the gateway to deep, inner healing. With continued practice, we heighten our presence and awareness and gain access to the body archive where all of our memories and life experiences are stored.

Connect to a Higher Wisdom, and Awaken to Your Fullest Potential

As we develop sensitivity and learn to listen to the body, by using our Felt Sense, we gain access to a wealth of information we don’t normally perceive. This gentle meditation leads to powerful shifts which is why we have made it an integral part of our facilitator training. It deepens your intuition and connects you with a higher wisdom, so that all of life’s moments and decisions are guided by an innate knowing. This attribute is what sets our facilitator alumni apart and equips them to handle any situation with felt presence, and now you too can benefit from this transformational practice.

Benefits of the Alchemical Meditation


“In a gentle way, one can shake the world.” – Pablo

Pablo Castro is a Breathwork facilitator and he leads the facilitator trainings at the Alchemy of Breath Academy. He has been with AoB for over 4 years now cultivating, growing, and sharing his passion for the work. Pablo offers online and in-person Breathwork sessions on a one-to-one and group basis; he also runs private Breathwork retreats and events in Bali, and around the world.

His primary focus right now is leading the 8-month facilitator training:
“My own journey is deeply impacted when working with others and being immersed with a group for 8 months is pretty epic! The love for Breathwork is ever-growing and expanding as the understanding of how it all works and how deep it can truly go deepens. I am honored to be walking this path!”

Janne Nikolajsen

Janne has been in the field of health, yoga and meditation for the past 20 years. Both as a student and a teacher. Her recent adventures has taken her down the path of Breathwork. She has become a Breathwork facilitator through Alchemy of breath and has also served as a mentor to other facilitators.

She’s now exited to share the alchemy meditation as we parctise it within the community and let more people in on the secret resources of our bodies and the transformational process it is to be in breath and body awareness with deep intention and attention.

It is the intention for this space to become a place of gathering and practicing  to feel deeply into our bodies archives, to know sensations at new levels of awareness and to receive any messages that may come through as we deepen into the Alchemy Meditation together.

Lindsay Davis

Hi, I’m Lindsay Davis. I am a Breathwork Facilitator and a Trainer with Alchemy of Breath, as well as a certified Health Coach, Yoga instructor, and Reiki practitioner.

Breathwork and Alchemy Meditation have been two of the most potent tools for change in my life, and they can truly ignite in power when we learn to use them intentionally. They are beautiful ways to catalyze shifts in our lives.

Alchemy Meditation has given me the opportunity to fully feel not only within a breathwork session, but within my life as a whole. As we practice the felt sense more and more, we open ourselves up to new pathways in our lives and even an entirely new experience of our inner world. How can we fully navigate change if we don’t know how to feel into our experience?

I have found that practicing Alchemy Meditation has helped me to tap into the most authentic part of myself, the true essence of who I am. It allows me to really come home to myself. What a gift to find a deep sense of home within my inner world.  I’m honored to hold space for guiding this Alchemy Meditation circle. I’m excited to explore this meditation more intimately with our community and see how we can evolve together!


Michal Piasecki

Alchemy meditation is so many things: it’s a way to drop into the here and now, to the present moment, drop into the temple of your body and raise your body awareness. The practice brings calmness and often leads to insights. I love to take part and facilitate it.


Every time I do an Alchemy meditation with Pablo, I have the most profound experience and I feel so many things shift afterward! This is one of my favorite meditations to connect with myself on a deep level.

Jacynthe Côté

The AOB meditation with Pablo is such an amazing tool to drop into your felt sense and connect with yourself! Pablo guides with his heart and creates a loving space of exploration. Thank you, Pablo!

Jihyun Choi

Working on the inner alchemy has allowed me to have access to my deeper self, intuition, and my own healing power potential. With Alchemy meditation, I do quickly slow down my thoughts more than just simply noticing my breath awareness. By doing so, it feels like I’m having an intimate conversation with my inner self, which charges my soul. I learn to trust myself more and more with this meditation.

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Alchemy of Breath is not a medical practice and facilitators are not medical trained.

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