Embracing Your Shadow

How does it land for you when someone says ‘Everything is perfect!?” Does it really ring true? These days in our ‘New Age’ we hear these words more and more. But for those who have known the shadow the phrase may raise more questions than peace of mind! There is much focus on ecstasy these […]

Doctors, Miracles, and Love

In our home, one break in the electricity system will cut off everything. If the current can’t complete it’s circuit the lights – and everything else – just won’t work. What if our Prana, Life Force, or Qi operates the same way? So if as some say, we are spiritual beings that temporarily inhabit human […]

Learning to Say No

‘NOOO!!!’ There comes a time when we all have to say it. Is it easy for you? Or, is there perhaps a flutter of adrenalin that passes through your heart at the mere thought of it? Standing up for oneself should feel simple, but for many of us, it feels risky and challenging. Anger might […]


How many times have you found yourself in an argument, with anger rising and wishing you knew how to end it? Yet how often do you find yourself feeding the fire rather than calming the waters – sometimes even actually knowing that what you are about to say will only make things worse, but the […]

Is Your Self-Dialogue Sabotaging You?

I don’t think anyone would disagree that effective communication is probably the biggest key to relating to other people and getting what you want.   But what about communicating with yourself?   Talking to yourself isn’t just something that people labelled as nuts do and get therapy for; it’s something we ALL do. How do […]

One Breath at a Time

One Breath at a Time

“Take this,” I was told, and I took the brown paper bag he gave me and put it up to my mouth. “Now breathe deeply ten times.” I did what I was told. It felt a little strange. My friend held me from behind with his arms around my chest, squeezed tight, and told me […]

Why Am I Kind to Others But Horrible to Myself?


As my wife Amy and I walk through the woods on a crystal cold winter’s day, we talk about the end and the beginning. The woods are easily navigable in the winter, the sun warming to the skin even though it’s only just above freezing. It’s a wonderful feeling, a bit like coming into cold […]

What If It Can Be Easy?

How many times do we find ourselves overworked and exhausted? How many things go unnoticed because we are doing something that takes our attention?  I remember my first lesson of economics, a subject I was introduced to at the ripe young age of 13. I failed my exams hopelessly, but I do still recall the […]

Insights from Above

Insight From Above

One night, about 8 years ago, I woke up at 4 am, scared. I felt small, confused and uncertain about my place in the world. I was in recovery from a serious illness yet watching my Breathwork practice grow so fast that it unnerved me. I was becoming a leader in my local town in […]

The Fine Balance of Leadership

The Pride and the Fall  I saw a sad documentary last night about Bikram Choudry, the founder of Bikram Yoga. Today, teachers of his work are changing the name of their studios to dissociate themselves from him. A self proclaimed hero of a yoga movement of millions, he has now been branded the villain, accused […]

Beware of the Dark Narcissist!

I love my work because I get to see so many who are willing to reach in for a better version of themselves. It is ever inspiring, and sometimes – in darker moments – a reminder that there is always possibility for change.   But the dark moments come back, and sometimes they can be […]

Breathing to Let Go

Breathing To Let Go

Many of us find ourselves still ruminating over things that have happened in the past—painful situations, events, interaction with people—unable to let them go, or thinking we’ve already let them go, only to watch them pop up again out of nowhere when we least expect it. We get frustrated, we blame ourselves, and the cycle […]

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