Is Your Self-Dialogue Sabotaging You?

I don’t think anyone would disagree that effective communication is probably the biggest key to relating to other people and getting what you want.


But what about communicating with yourself?


Talking to yourself isn’t just something that people labelled as nuts do and get therapy for; it’s something we ALL do. How do you talk to yourself? Do you criticize yourself for making mistakes? Do you work yourself into a nervous frenzy by worrying about what ‘could’ go wrong… perhaps even talking to yourself in abusive or nagging tones and asking yourself redundant questions?


Quality Questions Are the Answer


What if the questions you ask of yourself and of life are creating the very experiences both mentally and physically that you fear the most?


As an example, when you want to talk to someone you’d like to get to know; do you ever say things in your head like: “What if he rejects me?,” “What if I walk up to her and can’t think of anything to say?,” “What if I look like an idiot?”


If you engage in this kind of negative thinking, it will likely cause you to become paralysed by doubt and do nothing, only to regret and chastise yourself for letting the opportunity pass later on.


Guess what – 99% of the time the worse case scenarios that we conger up in our heads never come to pass, and we sabotage and disempower ourselves by thinking them. Be honest and think back; have you sometimes engaged in this sort of negative thinking?
Do you still do it?


If yes…STOP IT!!!


The quality of the questions you ask yourself determines not only the quality of the answers you get but the quality of your state of mind, and ultimately the quality of your life.


Some might argue that asking yourself negative focused ‘what if’ questions are a way of being prepared and protecting yourself. I would put the following statement to you instead:


Focusing on positive results is the only way to truly protect yourself. Read that last sentence again.


And this is about more than protecting yourself, isn’t it!?


What if you started asking questions that assume a positive result? Whether that result comes to fruition or not is less important than the resulting state of mind that will have you get off your butt and take action! Or at least feel good. And feeling good (vibrationally speaking) is the precursor to attracting more good stuff to feel good about. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that gains momentum and takes you on a real JOY ride.


The Positive ‘What If’ Process


I have an easy exercise for you. It’s so easy in fact that you may be tempted to dismiss how powerful it is. Trust me, just do it, carve out a time to practice this daily, and note how it changes you at a deep level.


So here it is: Start asking yourself ‘What if’ questions that end with things that would be really cool if they indeed did come true. They don’t have to be believable yet because you’re just asking ‘what if’, right!? So have fun.


Here are some examples:
“What if today I meet someone who becomes a new best friend?”
“What if I learn something today that doubles my income in the next few months?”
“What if I smile so much today that that cute co-worker starts smiling back?”
“What if today they invent chocolate ice cream that stays away from my waist?” Lol
“What if I really enjoy my day just because I choose to?”
“What if this new way of asking myself questions becomes a habit and changes my whole life?”
“What if the next breathwork session I do becomes the difference that makes the difference?”


Get the idea?


Try it now for a few minutes and notice just how quickly you start to feel differently. This is about changing the way you think in a way that’s fun and builds momentum, while at the same time creating the vibration/emotion to attract into your life what you truly desire.


“What if today, is the day that you look back on in years to come, and realise with joy…that this was the day that your life changed forever!?”


Let today be that day.


Be well,


Contributed by Lance Carter
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