When the heart is a victim to thought

As human beings, we are very used to our heart hurting or feeling pain. In fact, that is perhaps the most common feeling that we notice, so we tend to forget the tremendous resource it is for us, not just as the engine for our survival, pulsing life force through us in every moment, but also for the messages it contains.

What would it take for your heart not to be the victim of your thought, but the co-creator instead?

There are two things that are necessary in order for this to happen.

The first is we need to stop giving our tiny minds so much darn credit!

The brain is a wonderful mechanism for sure, it manages a huge amount of data flowing in and out, and with all today’s tech advances they are still far, far short of imitating the capability of the brain. But hey! It doesn’t know everything! It gets stuck in cyclical thought, and if it is not mastered it can create havoc. The condition of our world is a creation of the mind. There is a mess out there that has been created by thought, so why should we trust them so much?


We need to learn to use the mind to questions itself instead of letting it always lead the way.

The second ingredient to making the transition to opening to the huge contribution the heart – and the body – can make; is to s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.


We do that by breathing, by watching our breath. When we do that, we are balancing the nervous system, quietening the mind, slowing down to the speed of love.

This doesn’t happen as quickly as the mind might wish, so it usually interrupts the process and steals the moment with some criticism, self-judgment, or egoic response. But if you can master the mind, and just keep going with the breath, the mind will slow down, and only then the gentle whisper of the heart may be heard.

Remember that 80% of the messages come from the body to the brain, and only 20% the other way. Waking up, therefore, needs to include the capacity to receive the 80% that we are usually missing. Epiphanies lie in the heart, and all we need is to slow down enough to receive them, to slow down to the speed of love that beats in every one of us.

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