The Body Archive

Every life experience we have had is recorded in our cellular structure. This is what I call the Body Archive. Many of these experiences were traumatic, and remain lodged, blocked in our system. But there is much, much more than our own lifetime recorded in our Body Archive.

When you consider that what doesn’t get worked out gets acted out, it’s understandable that the influence on our Body Archive is not just from our parents, but theirs before them, and theirs before them, and so on. All of this is inherited and passed on. We are the recipients of a millennia of unwanted legacy.

But the good news, for some extraordinary reason, is that we have been chosen to be here in this moment, together, to make a change, to work out, instead of acting out the blocked up pain and experiences in our Body Archive. 

And when we do this, we are forging a way forwards that can be followed by many. We turn towards our feelings, dedicate ourselves to our own deepest healing, then stand as an example for others by virtue of our being. 

Outer leadership is born of inner leadership.

It’s right to wish our world leaders would be exemplary, but it begins with us, right here, right now. This is our chance, with every breath, to heal ourselves, unburden ourselves from the collective Pain Body, and plant new seeds of unfettered wisdom and love. 

So here is my challenge: take a few minutes, maybe right now, and place yourself in front of a mirror. Look at yourself in a real way, not as if you were shaving or putting on face cream, but really, really look at yourself. Try 30 seconds. What do you see? Does your face change at all as you look into it? Can you see your innocence, your wisdom, your joy, your darkness?

Try saying “I love you”. Repeat it, time after time, and notice what you are feeling. Is there anything in the way of you loving yourself completely? If so, take note of it, take it away with you as the part of you that you most need to accept and nurture. There is someone in there that really needs your presence, and the more intimate you are prepared to be, the more intimacy you will attract in your outer world. Be the change you want to see. 

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