What if…

What if the way to make change, to allow the world to come back to love. To allow pacha mamma to heal, to create the solutions to the problems that are creating chaos, death and destruction, could not be solved with logic. With the logical mind.

What if the education system, where we are taught to rationalise. Where we are taught to learn and master systems that are already in place and not working, is not the way that we are going to shift and evolve in a way that is in harmony with the laws of nature.

What if the system of living needs to change. What if the education system needs to change. So children and not taught but encouraged to utilise their unique capabilities. To stay open to their creative connections to source / spirit.

The true genius in nature have always been in alignment to an access of a higher knowledge.

What if the world does not work the way you THINK it works. What if the mind is not a separate entity that belongs only to yourself.

What if there is a vast library of knowledge, wisdom and solutions that is always open to us to utilise. What if the way forward is not through thought, but through the receptivity to divine thought.

If i told you that the way that we were living was obstructing our ability to flourish as a humanity. Would you choose to listen, to change.

If i told you the constant driving forward with force, was actually hindering the divine design of the planet coming into harmony with the heartbeat of creation would you slow down. Would you trust, would you surrender.

If I told you that everything that we need to know, is already within our grasps, that we just have to attune ourselves, increase our sensitivity, open our hearts,and engage our higher faculties of our mind.

That the world would change when we start to flow in the stream of the feminine essence of creation, in the arms of the masculine presence. That a new world will be birthed.

Contemplate, meditate, and in this will your perception transform.

Love Sally Jayne


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