Quantum Shift

with Anthony Abbagnano & Amy Rachelle

From pain to gain

Online breathwork courses for healing

We have converted our 3 Day Quantum Shift Challenge: From Pain to Gain into a course so that everyone can benefit from it.

Knowing what holds us back in life is one thing, but understanding what’s really stopping us from making true gains is often not so easy to understand. This program will help you identify what needs to change in your life and what gets in the way of it happening.

Breathing connects me with myself. I‘m present, I‘m aware. I’m whole. I’m ok even when I’m in pain and I have the power to help my body to let go of this pain. I can heal myself and maybe in the future help others to heal themselves.

"When you conquer your biggest challenge (which is my chronic illness / pain) you can bring your greatest gift to the world“. This sentence spoke straight to my soul. I feel like my chronic migraine is here to remind me of what my greatest gift is and to bring it out into the world. So I would like to learn the Alchemy of Breath to heal myself more and more and more. To unravel the parts of me that need my attention and my love in order to fully heal.

Anthony AbbagnanoFounder, Alchemy of Breath

After finishing this course you will:


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