If you got to say one thing about yourself at your own funeral

This week Anthony asked us, if you got to say one thing about yourself at your own funeral, what would that be?

Whilst at first this may seem like a somewhat maudlin enquiry, it’s actually a great way to get us to focus on the things that we are not expressing in our lives. As it is becoming the norm in our Sunday breath work sessions, the chat box became very full very quickly. It seems that many people have something they wish to share on this topic. Here are a few examples:

“I would just thank universe for giving me this experience and put the song “I did it my way”

I would say, “what a ride”

“Wow! What a beautiful ride! Also a song…definitely something that will get people dancing!

I would say “I did it all my way, had a magic life despite the heavy challenges and trauma!”

I will say “I realised all of my dreams”

I would like to be able to say “she healed and inspired others to connect with the healer within.”

“You were amazing! I love you.”

‘She was an eternal explorer who grabbed life with both hands and loved with all of her heart’

At first it seemed all of the comments were going to be of this nature, until one or two brave souls risked sharing where they are right now in this contemplation…

“I would say I wish I could have been there!”

“I have a little anxiety that I might miss it <my life>”

We loved this honesty! The realness of being able to admit that sometimes in life we feel it’s been more of an uphill struggle than a ride at the funfair. To acknowledge that we haven’t been able to be present to ourselves, and yet the truth is that even in our disconnect, we are present at some point and in some ways to that too.

Contemplating our death is an important thing to do. It motivates and inspires us; it shines light on what we feel we are achieving and equally what we feel we’re not achieving.

Breathwork of course is the bridge! Without it the question would not exist…that’s a sobering truth right there! So how can we use the breath to amplify our awareness and bring us home to our personal and collective truth? By being willing to show up and breathe, over and over and over again, until something breaks through. Until a calling is heard or a ‘story’ released. We are blessed to witness this happening every week in our online #breathetheworld sessions.

Will you join us this Sunday when Anthony will bring a new enquiry to the breath? https://alchemyofbreath.com/breathwork-webinar/

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