If there was a part of you that wanted ease and grace, what part of you would it be?

In this week’s #breathetheworld session, the question for contemplation, posed by Anthony was:

“If there was a part of you that wanted ease and grace, what part of you would it be?”

It’s interesting to consider ourselves as ‘parts’ of an organism, and in fact can be helpful too. When we separate ourselves this way, it effectively stops up getting over-identified with just one aspect of our personality. For example, there may be times when a part of you feels vulnerable, or angry, or confused, but that’s not the sum of who you are. This allows us to remember our greatness at times when we may feel a little overwhelmed by a feeling or experience.

Here’s what some people shared in response to the question:

“My digestive system”

“My communication”

“The part that is learning to let go with love”

“My heart and my inner child”

“My inner child and the fear of not being enough”

“The scared one who feels out of place”

“My financial situation”

“My imagination”

As you can see, some of the replies are body based, more physical in their nature, some aspire to ease and grace in ‘qualities’ we have or situations we may be facing, and others calling in ease and grace to the different parts of the self (e.g., inner child).

Whatever it is that craves a sense of ease and grace in our lives, one thing was abundantly clear, that we all have these parts that are calling for healing. So why do we lose sight of this; why do we forget how to gift ourselves some of these things, and why do we sometimes get so overcome by the idea of separation that we feel lost, alone and abandoned in our struggles?

Breathwork offers us a route home to remembrance. It re-minds us that we’re not alone, and it re-pairs those broken and tender parts, especially when we breathe in communities of practice, larger groups like those in our Sunday breathes, and we get to hear others sharing the same challenges as our own….’oh, I’m not alone after all…

We also get the chance to hear what solutions others may have found too, which is inspiring!

Life offers us many opportunities for growth, not all are blessed with ease and grace of course, but as Anthony often says: “what if this is happening for me, and not to me?”

This contemplation takes us straight out of the victim part of the drama triangle and into witness, and presence. What is this challenge here to teach me? What will I make it mean? Can I transform this in any way?

What is showing up in your life right now seeking ease and grace, and bringing with it a potential gift?

Drop us an email and let us know; we love to expand on these weekly shares!

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