How To Know Breathwork Facilitation Is Your Calling – 6 Telltale Signs

With Breathwork rapidly gaining popularity, and more and more people recognizing the profound healing power of the breath, there has never been a better time to become a facilitator. I know that it can be a bit scary to commit to something as big and transformational as a Breathwork Facilitator training however, so to help anyone who is battling with this decision, I compiled my top 6 signs Breathwork is your calling and you are ready to GO FOR IT!

6 Telltale Signs You Are Being Called to Become a Breathwork Facilitator:
Sign #1:
You have been an Alchemy Of Breath subscriber for a while. Sometimes you join our Sunday breathes or Quantum Shift events. You know Breathwork is powerful, and you have been contemplating for a while if you should take the next step with your training.
Sign #2:
You hear the “call” to be a better person and help the world heal as well. Maybe it’s been growing in you for a while, like a flame getting bigger and bigger, but you aren’t exactly sure what to do with it.
Or perhaps you’ve had a huge awakening and you know deep down that the breath is the path for you…and you are ready! Either way, you have awoken to making a change. You have a deep feeling of rising up and doing something about it to make a real change for your own life and the lives of others.
Sign #3:
You have had a deep or out-of-body experience with Breathwork. Whether it has been during an Alchemy Of Breath session or another Breathwork session, you have witnessed how powerful the breath is first hand.
You know that there is true healing in the breath, and you know that it can be revitalizing, and transcendental. It was no accident that you experienced such a profound experience. The breath was awakening you to your calling.
Sign #4:

You are already a healer and want to expand your training.

Many of our current and past students are already healers. Some are doctors, massage therapists, counselors, yoga teachers, life coaches, bodywork specialists, psychotherapists, and more. You may wish to apply your newfound skills in many different areas, such as Child Development, Life Coaching, Corporate HR and Creative Development, Therapy, Emerging Consciousness, Mid-Life transformations, Health and Wellbeing, or Philanthropy.

Sign #5:
You had a tough childhood, experienced trauma, or have encountered a lot of adverse experiences in your life. These events made you extra sensitive and you may even feel you can read other people or intuit their needs as a result. Whatever the strengths that were born of your adversity; know that they are gifts and will be incredible assets in your work as a Breathwork facilitator.
Sign #6:
You are ready to embark on the Inner Journey. The Inner Journey is a unique part of what makes our facilitator training so effective.
During these powerful classes, you will work on your biography and discover any self-limiting beliefs that need to be brought to the truth of Self. You will go through a powerful inner transformation as you work to bring fragmented parts of your psyche back to wholeness through Breathwork. This type of self-work allows you to work with others to open up a healing space from a place of true authenticity.
Do you identify with any of these signs? If Yes, you are being called and are ready to become a certified Master Breathwork Facilitator! And there is no better time than now to get started; the first step is to fill out our short Application Form here.
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