Benefits of Doing a Breathwork Facilitator Training Online

Breathwork is exploding in popularity, and all around the world, people are finally realizing the incredibly transformative power of the breath. This has created a huge demand for qualified Breathwork Facilitators, and if you are feeling called to facilitate, there could not be a better time to start your training. However, this is no small decision, and with the massive rise of new schools offering online and in-person trainings, choosing the right platform can be tough.

Is It Better to Train Online or In-Person?

One major question that many new students have is whether they should train online or in-person. At Alchemy of Breath, the bulk of our training (8-months of it) is done online. Then, at the end of the course, we all meet for a 4-day intensive training session to demonstrate and deepen our learnings, and connect with our global peers in person. The decision to offer the course online was not made lightly, but we chose to do so because it comes with so many benefits and can allow for a much greater depth of learning and integration.

Still struggling with the decision?
Check out the below 6 benefits of choosing an online Breathwork Facilitator Training:

Benefit #1: Enhanced Learning Through Repetition

Repetition is the key to learning and retention, and with our online training, you can watch and rewatch the video recordings of all classes as much as you like, making sure you have it down to a science. You may even choose to revisit them a year or two later to refresh your learnings, or even listen to them as audio tracks while walking, driving, or doing chores for enhanced integration. This aspect of online training is far superior to attending class once, taking some notes, and hoping to remember whatever you forgot to write down!

Benefit #2: Ample Time to Absorb Learnings

Have you ever tried cramming for a test with a long study session the night before, only to realize, a few days later, that you forgot pretty much everything you learned? Many in-person Breathwork Facilitator training sessions are crammed into short periods of time. This hinders the process of fully achieving retention and integration of the material.

Studies show that when learning via repetition is spaced out into multiple sessions, retention is maximized and we are better able to remember information and concepts: this is called ‘The Spacing Effect’. Our online Breathwork training is perfectly paced over 8 months, giving you ample time to absorb your learnings, integrate them into your practice, and confidently step into your leadership as a Breathwork Facilitator.

Benefit #3: Optimized Learning Platform

Handouts and taking notes are fine when they’re your only option, but technology allows for a more effective and integrative way of learning. The right online platform can cater to all four learning types – visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. Our unique training platform contains all your class recordings, required documents, and readings, as well as an up-to date class schedule, an Inner Journey Workbook, Breathwork Feedback forms, and much more. As a bonus, it also contains Physiology, Anatomy, and Trauma Webinars, with free access to the Global Breathwork Summit interviews of some of the leading Breathwork and Trauma experts from around the world. With everything in one place, the learning and integration process is streamlined and simplified.

Benefit #4: Schedule Flexibility

We encourage our students to show up for all of our live classes, however, sometimes life happens. If something comes up and you are unable to attend, you will receive a recording of the class, so you won’t miss out or fall behind. If your schedule is unpredictable, this will be a huge asset over in-person training.

Benefit #5: Ongoing Support and Offerings

Most in-person trainings end when the course is over. Because our Academy is based online, we have a unique opportunity to provide ongoing offerings to our students and graduates. Every second week, you will have the opportunity to attend a Round Table talk with AoB founder, Anthony Abbagnano, to get direct feedback, assistance, and wisdom from faculty and peers. You are also welcome to join our private bi-week Alchemy Meditation Circle, where you will have an opportunity to hone your Felt Sense skills. Plus we offer free weekly Sunday Breathwork sessions, and several Quantum Shift Breathwork challenges throughout the year; so your learning skill set will continually be enhanced.

Benefit #6: A Global Network Of Fellow Breathwork Facilitators

When you train online, you get the benefit of meeting, studying, and connecting with other like-minded people from around the world. The bonds that are formed in our online training are incredible, and the supportive community continues after graduation. Graduates of AoB are never really alone on their journey as Breathwork Facilitators; any time a question or roadblock arises, they can consult with their former peers and the rest of our alumni and faculty through our private forums.

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By Megan Ashton
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