Breathing In Balance


Finding balance could be as easy as breathing it into existence.

Photo Credit Yeshi Kangrang
Photo Credit Yeshi Kangrang

The Heart Math Institute has valuable research demonstrating the power of the breath to balance the sympathetic and parasypathetic nervous system. Creating that balance frees us up to respond with clarity and calm. Isn’t  that something we could all benefit from?

Here, Anthony shares how to use this conscious breathwork technique to restore balance, find your center, and gain a better sense of wellbeing.

By using this technique three times daily, you will begin to notice changes occurring in your life and all around you. Through a consistent practice, you will find a balanced state of heart coherence, which helps to align and engage your full potential.

By using visualization during the process, there are greater potentials that unfold. One such visualization could be breathing a cleansing or healing breath into the root chakra and exhaling any frenetic tension or pain that may be present. Consciously working your way up through the chakras while cultivating awareness of the body and breath is a powerful addition to the heart coherence breathing technique.

We were inspired to share this with you because we know there is great benefit to all of us by navigating the stresses of Life with a clarity and calm that so few have had the privilege to enjoy. Watch the video. If you decide to practice the heart coherence breathing consistently, we would love to know what changes are showing up for you.


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