Reprogramming the Unconscious with Breathwork

Bruce Lipton, the award-winning epigenetics scientist, suggests that around 96% of our choices and actions are driven by our unconscious mind. This means the data we input in our childhood is the data we still rely on to make choices and decisions in life today. While we can still make conscious decisions, what often happens is the conscious mind is overridden by subconscious programming because it’s incredibly difficult to let go of.

It doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to understand why this is not necessarily the best place for any human to be operating from, but the fact is, it’s also not even who we really are – we’re being controlled by outdated programs that are no longer true, and this is probably affecting our relationships, careers, financial situations, and family life.

If you want to make long-term, lasting changes to the ideas, beliefs, patterns, and perceptions you have about the world, the changes you make must happen at a subconscious level.

How do we reprogram our unconscious?

To get into the subconscious mind and rewrite the programs is no easy task. One of the most efficient ways is actually hypnotherapy—by entering the state of hypnosis we bypass the conscious mind and ‘reprogram’ the subconscious so that it takes on healthy, more whole ideas.

At Alchemy of Breath, we actually combine simple hypnotherapy techniques with conscious breathing techniques to double-down on accessing and reprogramming the unconscious and it’s incredibly powerful.

To breathe is simple, but what happens when we lend our attention to it is profound. When we enter into a breath state, it’s an entirely different state of awareness – we deepen into the fullness of our being and our mind starts to think differently. We awaken our body intelligence, including the intelligence of the heart and if our mind is not clutching to control the whole time, this different state of awareness is a place where we can rewrite our unconscious programming. When done consistently for a period of time, one can begin to see it edge its ways into our conscious lives.

The supercharge of breathwork 

There is one extra thing that happens during breathwork that supercharges it as a practice to reprogram the unconscious.

When we breathe, we call it getting inspired. The breath is about bringing in spirit. The difference between standard hypnotherapy and the AoB system of breathwork, is when you practice breathing with us, not only do you get access to the unconscious mind, but we also import this superconscious quality, or divine force, or spirit (or whatever you want to call it) into our awareness, and this energy alone seems to naturally replace whatever is outdated, old and non-functioning.

One of the reasons we do this work is to take ourselves out of what I actually consider the hypnotized state—the default operating mode we find ourselves in daily—and open us to what exists in the bigger world beyond where our thoughts live.  If you want to live a vivacious, full and rich life, give your awareness to the breath, and breath fully and richly every day.

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