This Refund and Cancellation Policy is subject to change at any time. The published version at the time of the request will be the version used to determine your refund eligibility.

  1. Requests for refunds must be made in writing and can be submitted to: Requests must include the name provided at time of enrollment, a detailed account giving the reason the student wishes to withdraw, and why student feels a refund should be issued.
  2. ADMIN FEE: An administration fee of 20% of the full, und is counted, program cost, will apply to all refunds. There are no exceptions.
  3. If a student has enrolled in a course, but not entered the course, and the period between enrollment and notification of withdrawal does not exceed 14 days from the enrollment date, a refund will be issued for the full amount of the course fee, less the Admin Fee. If you choose to cancel within this period you will receive a refund of the price within 30 days if you are eligible for refunds.
  4. PAYMENT PLANS: If tuition is being paid via a PAYMENT PLAN, then enrollment in all courses covered by the payment plan are subject to the same terms as if tuition is paid for in full and in advance. For these purposes, Tuition is considered to have been received by THE COMPANY upon signing of the payment plan agreement.
  5. TECHNICAL ISSUES: Refunds are not available for students who have experienced technical issues. Although we work hard to do everything possible to avoid issues, many aspects of the technology fall outside of our control such as hosting and server functionality.
  6. Once any online materials, membership access to any Facebook Groups (or others), access to Intellectual Property belonging to Alchemy of Breath, or links to such materials have been delivered to the student physically or electronically, there shall be no refund applicable.
  7. TRAINING TRANSFERS from one training to another may be permissible as may be postponements of attendance for personal reasons, such as relocation, change in family circumstances, or other factors deemed approvable by the Course Trainers and the Administration. Thes shall be evaluated on a case by case basis, and in any event entry into a new class must be within 6 months of the last date of attendance, and the relevant Trainers must be satisfied that any material already delivered remains current and that the student is not required to retake the training from the beginning.
  8. DISCOUNTED COURSES. No refund will be provided on discounted courses or payments that have ben made with discount codes at time of purchase.

Cancellation of courses:

  1. If the AoB cancels a face-to-face course or webinar due to the illness of presenters, severe weather, technical issues, or other emergency conditions, the School will attempt to reschedule the event. Whilst every effort is made to avoid changes to our programme AoB reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any course. If for any reason AoB cancels a course, all course fees will be returned in full. We cannot however reimburse the cost of any pre-booked travel arrangements and suggest that you consider travel insurance to cover any significant costs incurred. This applies to all residential courses such as BreathCamp, The Alchemist, Seeds of Alchemy, or any new (as not yet published or announced residential) courses we may offer in the future.