Pre & Post BreathCamp Programs

2 nights & 3 days

Pre-Camp Program

Self-Care To Self-Achievement

Begins 2 nights and 3 days before your camps start date

Whether you’re looking to finish your homework and graduate – or you just need some time for you – take good care of yourself and use these 3 days before Breathcamp to arrive, prepare, and open yourself for what’s to come. Start with ease and self-care to be ready.

Post-Camp Program

From Transformation to Integration

Begins 2 nights and 3 days after the last day of your camp

Before you go home and back into the world, get grounded in your new way of being, breathing, and life. After a BreathCamp, it’s highly recommended to allow time and space to integrate what you’ve learned, and how you’ve transformed – personal – to perhaps even professional.

Enjoy lots of open free time and space just for yourself, and join offerings as you like!

In these 3 days, before and/or after a camp, experience:

All of the above are included in the price
except healing treatments & Do A Detox



Not Included

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Introduction to Breathwork Facilitation

Our next Breathwork Facilitator Training starts on March 27, and we have opened the first training class for our entire community to join.
Event starts:
March 27th