The Inner Journey

A course designed and curated by Anthony Abbagnano

Get off the backseat and consciously take the steering wheel of your own life!

This 4-month guided journey is dedicated to inner transformation.

Learn how to recognise and appreciate lost or broken parts of yourself, dive deep into your body wisdom and transform your human experience into conscious choices and empowerment.

Find new perspectives on relationships with self and others, stop letting life just ‘happen to you’ and become the author of your own book of life.​​

Turn on sound

Welcome to a page of change!

What you decide in the next few minutes can change your life. It has for hundreds of others already.

Is it bad to be confused?

After all, not knowing or understanding always precedes the discovery of something new, right?
So why is it shameful for us to simply say "I'm confused"?

Why is it that we are up-ended by circumstance, overwhelmed so easily and not just kicked out of the drivers seat, but dragged behind the car?

What would it take to be the designer of the life we want and the relationships we crave for?

What if we already have what we need, and we just need to arrange the pieces in a different way? 

The Inner Journey is the defining self-development program of the decade, and it has been crafted over a 40 year period of study, observation and life practice. It's about empowerment, your empowerment.

It will show you tools you have that you have never used, and how to leverage your psyche into more ease, more productivity, more joy and more authenticity. 

Here is a key question:

Do you want to write the book of your life, or are you going to let someone else do it for you?

Being the author of your life means claiming a natural authority that you often notice in people around you. You may even envy them their quality of presence.

Now is your chance to join the ranks of leaders and game-changers, to leave wallowing in the past, and to get the traction, confidence and self-esteem you really deserve.

You will get:

You may not believe that you are a miracle...

...but you are the result of a 35 trillion to one chance.

It’s no mistake you are here on this planet at this time. The question is, what are the bold and mighty acts that you can make to create the bountiful life you might believe to be impossible?

You can apply this training to any aspect of your life, and the changes will start happening immediately. You will be surrounded by the caring, compassionate support of those who have already made the Journey themselves, and join the legion of change-makers who will not settle for being “done” by life.

So if you want to do life instead of life doing you, then step up, be bold and take the risk to be different.

Join our first class on December 20th to enjoy pioneer benefits


The 4-MONTH journey is as follows:

Module 1

Opening the Book of Your Life - Pre and Perinatal Experiences

Determine the starting point of our journey and to understand what we were born into.

Module 2

The Call - Self Responsibility for Change

Generate insights about your desire and self responsibility for change.  Learning the value of teaching by example.

Module 3

Your Inner Child - Understanding the aspects of the inner child

Understand how to replace past conditions that dictate who we are today

Module 4

Embracing Your Shadows - Exploration of the unconscious mind

Explore the people and situations that are triggering for us, in order to explore our unconscious minds and discover more about our own shadow.

Module 5

Finding the Treasure - The Road to Mastery

Acknowledge and consolidate the accomplishments we have made.

Module 6

Atonement and Return - Transition from Mastery to Mystery

Prepare the transition from mastery to mystery.

Module 7

The Return & A New Beginning

Pass through the death experience into a new birth with ease.

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