Alchemy of Breath Presents

A Collective Prayer for a New Earth

with Kim Kindersley

Every Tuesday

Alchemy of Breath invites you to a full 1-hour Ceremonial BreathWork session.

You will join Kim Kindersley as he guides you to realms of ancient wisdom using the sacred power of the Breath. Kim has been holding circles for 30 years, using rituals and chants to bring together world leaders and way pavers in the community. Now, he also brings sacred breath practices, as a Teacher Trainer for Alchemy of Breath, and when these practices are combined, you will experience a deep opening of your awareness to the natural intelligence of the heart.

Under Kim’s gentle yet powerful guidance, you are invited to unite your own deep inner wisdom to that of the indigenous peoples. Be a resource of the Source itself, breathe in harmony with all the creatures of our planet, and understand the power of connection of the human heart.  


‘It is time for us all to come together through the medium of breath, to breathe in this way, in the heart, in a ceremony, in a circle, as one heart, one love, one mind. I feel blessed to be able to share this prayer, this beauty, this love – let’s come together to share this space across the ethers. Every breath is a sacred prayer and every prayer is a ceremony.’

From this event, you will have an opportunity to:

• Connect to your inner power
• Understand the power of prayer in a different way
• Deepen or establish your meditation practice
• Discover a new best friend – your breath!
• Meet others who are of like mind and heart
• Bring questions and concerns to your BreathWork experience.

Having studied with Alchemy of Breath for four years, Kim is now a Teacher Trainer of this work. As an award-winning filmmaker, including “Whaledreamers” and “Bali Life, is an Offering”, Kim now blends his passion and his studies with his masterful facilitation of Alchemy of Breath. He is a regular space holder for  BreatheTheWorld, our free, weekly outreach program to reach across boundaries and borders, to unite all members of the AoB community to join in purposeful prayer. Kim has dedicated much of his life to the protection of Mother Earth, especially oceans, whales, and dolphins. His films have been internationally recognized and have won numerous awards. His years spent meeting and studying with indigenous tribes from around the globe brought a completely new approach to BreathWork. His journey now continues to bring the Essence of these messages in an ever-evolving form, bringing people together and helping them on a path of self-healing through breath, fire ceremony, earth medicine, heart singing circles, and ritual dance.

He is guided by his own connection to these ancient arts, particularly sharing the messages of the people of the Whale that inspired his movie “Whaledreamers”.

Each ceremony is different, informed by the souls, hearts, and spirits of each of you who has participated.

Claim your place, not just in our circle, but as someone who really, really would like to see a change in the world around us. It starts right here, right now, with the next choice you make.

‘I have seen Kim go through an excruciating inner journey, shedding layers of protection and defense. He exemplifies the transformation possible using the power of breath practices and applying them in his life. Thank you, Kim, for taking this work out to the world! ‘

-Anthony Abbagnano, Founder, Alchemy of Breath


Online I zoom



6:30 PM – 7:30PM UK Time | 1 hour

Alchemy of Breath is not a medical practice and facilitators are not medical trained. Please read our policy here