Ceremonial Breathwork

with Melissa Mukaiwa

Every Tuesday

6:30pm UK TIME

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Alchemy of Breath invites you to a full 1-hour Ceremonial BreathWork session

You will join Melissa Mukaiwa as she guides you to explore the realms of ancient wisdom and personal empowerment, using the sacred and transformative power of breath

From this event, you will have an opportunity to:

Connect to your inner power

Understand the power of prayer in a different way

Deepen or establish your meditation practice

Discover a new best friend – your breath!

Meet others who are of like mind and heart

Bring questions and concerns to your BreathWork experience.


Your Ceremonial Breathwork Guide

Melissa is a Certifed Breathwork Practitioner and International Speaker,  Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Shamanic-Egyptian Reiki Master Teacher.

With her unique talent for merging the spiritual and the pragmatic, she’s an acknowledged guide in Sacred Sexuality and a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

Melissa started her journey in 2012. Since then, she has touched the lives of thousands of people, online and face-to-face, in 8 countries across the globe.

She has also trained 30 mindfulness and meditation teachers as well as attuned more than 60 Elemental Reiki Masters.

Melissa’s passion for wellness and personal empowerment inspired her to start “Just Breathe”, a local community initiative in Namibia.

Since its beginning in 2017, “Just Breathe” has opened its doors to over 3000 people, hosting free live events to bring wellness right into the heart of the community.

Melissa describes herself as an irreverent optimist and student-teacher to the core whose work is geared toward a singular goal: “The Activation of Human Potential to the Betterment of Us All.”

Each ceremony is different, informed by the souls, hearts, and spirits of each of you who has participated

Themes Coming Up in July and August with Melissa Mukaiwa:

Note: It is just a sneak peek of our forthcoming  Ceremonial journey. Be sure to check back regularly as we will continuously refresh our schedule with more exciting and enriching experiences.

"Rewriting Your Birth Story"
August 1st, 2023

Step back in time to reimagine your life’s beginning, shaping how you approach and interact with the world today.

"Befriending The Bodies"

Dive into a Ceremonial Breathwork journey where we’ll use breath and inquiry to befriend our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Together, we’ll create a sense of safety and sovereignty for all our breaths.

"Softening Into The Self: A 7 Chakra Breathwork Journey"

Discover the multiple layers of your Self through the 7 Chakra System. With breath as your guide, explore aspects of creation that may be overactive, underactive, or blocked.

"Ancestral Intelligence"

Discover the profound impact our ancestry can have on our life expression through epigenetic inheritance. Use the breath to release ancestral anchors while gratefully gathering their gifts.

Ceremonial Breathwork

with Melissa Mukaiwa

Every Tuesday

6:30pm UK TIME

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