Kristi is a trauma and grief informed consciousness teacher, breathwork practitioner and intuitive coach. She weaves breath, guidance and life-force energy to create a safe space for you to clear, shift, heal and transform from within.

She teaches from the knowing that each person is meant to experience ridiculous levels of abundance, joy and self-love. Whether in 1:1 mentorships or through group retreats and events, Kristi works within a sacred container to allow all the goodness of life to flow through so you can open to the treasure of your true vibrant nature and know yourself as love.

Scott Ramsy

Scott is a Thai massage therapist, breathworker and yoga instructor. He has been a Thai massage therapist since 2010 and combines traditional techniques that he has studied in Thailand along with his signature gentle and rhythmic touch, to create a relaxing yet therapeutic massage.

He began to guide breathwork during his massage sessions after attending a thai massage training in 2014 where he learned how important the breath is to help facilitate release and healing on a deeper level. In 2018 during his yoga teacher training he was introduced to conscious connected breathing through a guided journey. After the session Scott felt it was part of his path to start offering breathwork to others. Scott found AoB soon after, became a Certified Facilitator, then Practitioner and is currently on the path to becoming a Trainer. Scott is honored and excited to be on this journey with AoB.

Alchemy of Breath is not a medical practice and facilitators are not medical trained.

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UK Breathcamp 2022

Gaunts House, Wimborne, UK
Event starts:
October 6th-14th