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Find a Breathwork Facilitator near you. Each one of these wonderful people has completed a rigorous training, which covers not just technical skills, but also a deep inner journey.


Are you looking for holotropic breathwork near you? Our platform connects you with the best breathwork practitioners and workshops in your area. Whether you’re interested in holotropic breathwork workshops near you or general breathwork classes near you, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced breathwork practitioners specialize in various techniques, including rebirthing breathwork, to help you on your journey. Discover breathwork near you and find the perfect breathwork practitioner to guide you through transformative sessions. Explore the benefits of breath work near you and join one of our breathwork workshops or classes today!

Emily Ray Henderson


Emily Ray Henderson is a certified Wellness Counselor, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, 500 HR-RYT Yoga Instructor and Facilitator with The Kula Collective, Ceremonial Space Holder & Alchemy of Breath Breathwork Practitioner & Master Teacher.

Emily uses a compassionate and intuitive approach to integrate mind, body & spirit to assist people in making change, creating balance and finding joy and passion in life.


Emily loves magic, cacao, dancing, and connecting with nature and the ancient cultures of the world. She has a lightness of heart that is contagious and works gently but deeply with people through their transformation.

Individual Breathwork and Coaching sessions Yoga Teacher Trainings with The Kula Collective



Pablo Castro

LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia

Pablo Castro is a world traveler currently living in Bali, Indonesia, where he offers weekly breathwork sessions, workshops, retreats, and more. He has been with Alchemy of Breath for over two years, sharing his knowledge and serving as a teacher for their Facilitator Training. Pablo believes in a gentle approach to transformation, emphasizing the importance of feeling safe and honoring personal journeys. He uses breathwork to navigate his internal world, discovering that embracing our shadow, developing a relationship with our inner child, and finding our center allows us to take care of ourselves and hold space for whatever arises.

Pablo also works with the healing element of water, offering a water therapy called Wataflow, which combines breathwork with over/underwater movements.



  • Breathwork Teacher/Practitioner/Facilitator
  • Space holder
  • Water therapy sessions




Trainings Completed:

  • Alchemy of Breath
  • Reiki Level 1
  • Wataflow


Location: Colorado, USA

She is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She holds a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, is a Certified Alchemy Breathwork Facilitator, and is finishing a certification in Hakomi (Body-Centered and Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy).

Rae has intensively studied nature-based wisdom and Shamanic traditions and has been a student of modern mystic Thomas Hubl for seven years, assisting him in his US-based programs. She blends her diverse experience to offer a body-mind-heart-spirit approach, engaging patients, students, and clients in profound transformation.


  • Body-mind-heart-spirit facilitation and coaching
  • Private Breathwork Sessions
  • Breathwork with Hakomi-based somatic and mindfulness integration
    (All sessions are offered in person or online.)

Contact Dr. Rae:

Trainings Completed:

  • Alchemy of Breath Teacher and Facilitator
  • Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Medicine
  • Master’s in Spiritual Psychology
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • Timeless Wisdom Training (Mysticism and Awakening in the Marketplace)
  • Hakomi Principle Psychotherapist (pending)
  • Co-Active Coach

Kerry Veitch

Master Trainer
Location: London, UK

With a focus on embodiment practices such as Internal Family Systems and Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing. 

Simona Dvorackova

Location: Warsaw, Poland

She has a variety of skill sets and experience in modalities such as body work, energy healing and hypnotherapy.

Giulia Vaccari

Location: London, UK

She uses craniosacral therapy, reiki, movement, and breathwork to tune in with the inner wisdom of the body.

sara quiggin

Sara Quiggin

Location: New York, USA

 She believes everyone can find wholeness. She is also a Vortex Healing® practitioner & teaches yoga and meditation.

Angela Oakes

Angela Oakes

Location: Rome, Italy

She’s a Reiki and Yoga teacher, a multi skilled bodywork therapist and Breathwork practitioner. 


Nick Garrow-Fisher

Location: Los Angelos, USA

He draws on authentic relating, movement, IFS, boundaries and consent work, Vedanta, soul initiation – among others.

Harmony Hannigan

Harmony Hannigan

Location: New York, USA

She’s also a psychologist and brings a lifetime of experience with her skills, care, and compassion. 


LOCATION: Montreal (Canada), Bali, Online

 Annie Langlois is a 1500-hour certified yoga instructor (Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini) and conscious connected breathing (Alchemy of Breath + Biodynamic Breath) teacher. She is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, and creator of the Living Yoga Mala line of jewelry. Annie divides her time between Bali and Montreal, where she teaches several retreats and workshops. Her mission is to inspire people to prioritize their health and love themselves through gentle techniques integrated into daily life.

Sessions: Groups / Retreats / AOB Teacher Training (in French)

Trainings Completed:

  • Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga 600h
  • Alchemy of Breath 500h


LOCATION: Manchester, UK

 She is also a fully trained Yoga Nidra teacher with additional qualifications in Reiki, Lymphatic Massage, and various body-based healing modalities. Steph uses breath, bodywork, mindset coaching, and meditation to release and heal trauma held in cellular memory. Her practice emphasizes an embodied, grounded, and accessible approach to health and longevity. With a background in addiction research and over 20 years of running juice bars and healing centers, she integrates her experience with plant medicines, shamanism, and breathwork to foster lifelong healing.

SERVICES: International retreats and events, one-to-one and group work, mastery programs, and courses. All breathwork and coaching are available online or in person.


Trainings Completed:

  • Certified Alchemy of Breath Facilitator and Teacher
  • Licensed bodywork therapist (Reiki, Lymphatic Massage, Thai Yoga Massage)
  • Qualified Shamanic Practitioner
  • Yoga Nidra teacher

Monica Reimann

LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia and Berlin, Germany

 Conscious breath is her medicine. The accelerated transformations she has witnessed through Breath work sparks her passion to teach how to consciously re-connect to the free flow of vital life-force, clear what holds us back, and embody our inherent human potential. She brings her extensive knowledge of physiology, somatic work, and trauma release into Breathwork, complimenting it with skilled touch.

Monika loves gaining new perspectives on creating fulfillment on all levels and sharing these adventures of expanding consciousness, holding space for each breather’s authentic process, and offering guidance on how to embrace life with greater ease. Monika facilitates individual and group sessions, workshops, and breath immersions. She co-creates with musicians, yoga instructors, retreat organizers, and inspirational teachers globally, introducing Conscious-Connected-Breathing to a variety of modalities.


Certified Alchemy of Breath Practitioner, studied with Anthony Abbagnano, founder of AOB
Certified BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Practitioner, studied with Giten Tonkov, founder of BTTR
Diploma Swedish Massage, College of Advanced Massage, Australia
Diploma Remedial Massage, College of Advanced Massage, Australia
Pranayama, Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki

Suzie Poyser

Location: Manchester, UK and Europe

 She believes that counseling can help us all to lead richer lives by understanding our emotions better, working through issues and difficult times, and giving ourselves the space we sometimes need. Ultimately, it’s about caring for our emotional well-being as we might for our body.

Suzie attends regular industry-recognized training courses to stay up to date and carries professional indemnity insurance, giving you the peace of mind you need that she’ll work in a caring and professional way from the first conversation.

There are different kinds of counseling to suit each person. Suzie is a qualified person-centered counselor, which means she offers compassionate support to her clients in a non-directive way, so they can explore the things they need to in confidence and without judgment.

Suzie spends her time running her own private practice, works with businesses to support employees’ mental health, works with charities providing counseling for their clients, and offers private and group breathwork sessions using the combination of her psychotherapy and breathwork skills to hold a deeply therapeutic, safe, nurturing space.


Alchemy of Breath Practitioner
Mindfulness Practitioner
PG Dip in Person-Centered Counselling & Psychotherapy
PG Certificate in Counselling Skills
BSc Hons Business

Benedict Beaumont

Location: Brighton, UK and Alberta, Canada

He runs workshops and retreats in the South of England, France, and Canada. He qualified with Alchemy of Breath in 2018 and is now a mentor in the facilitator training program. He is passionate about breathwork and the transformative and healing power it can have on our lives.

Benedict and his wife Jennifer founded Breathing Space in 2018. Ben met his wife on Everest in 2011, and he knew immediately that she was the one for him. They have traveled extensively, lived all over the world. The pair currently live in Brighton but will be moving to Canada at the end of the year (2019). When not breathing or stretching, he is a school teacher, occasionally a chef, sometimes a writer but always an adventurer.


Alchemy of Breath Graduate and Mentor
Semperviva Yoga Instructor

Keli Carpenter

Location: Chicago USA

Keli is no stranger to mind, body, and spirit awareness. She first started practicing transcendent meditation at the age of six, when her mother took her to learn Transcendental Meditation® (TM®), and was re-certified at the age of 25. Keli is now a Chopra Center Certified Transcendent Meditation (PSM®) Instructor, Forgiveness Coach, and AoB Breathwork Facilitator and Mentor.

Keli is the Founder of “The Other Side of Average – Therapy for the Soul” and a transformational forgiveness coach. Her goal is to help conscious women and families learn and master the three most essential tools that help align you with your soul’s purpose — your essential nature and the truest expression of yourself — all whilst healing and transcending past resentments and stories that have kept you stuck and in pain. It is then that you experience the miracles and fulfillment of life in every moment (especially during life’s inevitable obstacles).

Keli’s philosophy is not to become your guru or healer but rather to inspire change, share essential strategies, and hold the space for you to bring light to your darkness, and help you reclaim the power you already have. Awakening becomes awakened. It is all there within you; you are enough. You just need space held for you, as you learn the proven tools and embody the rituals needed for this awakening or power to become realized.


  • Chopra Certified Transcendent Meditation Instructor
  • Insight Counselling & Training Inc:
    • 750-hour The Internship Program Graduate 1997
    • 750-hour The Internship Program Mentor 2002
  • Alchemy of Breath Facilitator Program and Mentor

Gwen Payne

Location: San Francisco, USA

 Gwen has trained as a facilitator in various fields, such as Yoga/Dance, Breathwork, Family Constellations, Hypnotherapy, as well as being a Passion Test and Life Coach.

Gwen’s passion is supporting people in coming home to their true nature through breath, sound, movement, and coaching. She intuitively employs and weaves together various modalities to help clients embody and stay consciously connected to their essential truth in the day-to-day. Through continued coaching, she invites them to keep stepping into their most authentic and empowered self and to choose a path honoring themselves and their purpose.

Gwen’s guidance is compassionate, intuitive, and her joy and playfulness are infectious! Her understanding of breath as an expression of Self, and her wisdom of the sacred connection between mind, heart, body, and spirit, inspires her clients to explore their inner landscapes.

Gwen teaches Kundalini Yoga, facilitates Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork weekly in Sedona, Arizona, and leads Passion Test workshops and retreats throughout North America. She also facilitates individual Family Constellations with clients in person or online.


  • Breathwork and hypnotherapy counseling: Bodymind Academy Kirkland, WA
  • Breath of Love: Ojai, CA
  • Alchemy of Breath facilitator and mentor
  • Family Constellations
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Passion Test Coach

Rita Corrao Velez

Location: Milan, Italy

Rita is Italian and first met AoB in 2015, during a Seeds of Alchemy seminar, and from that moment on she was fascinated with Conscious Connected Breathing. In May 2018, she graduated as an AOB Facilitator.

Rita had met other breathing techniques earlier in her life when giving birth to four wonderful children, while practicing Rebirthing and visiting Stand Grof to learn about Holotropic Breathwork.

For years, Rita worked within Feminine Power, learning about fundamental Taoistic principles, energy management, working with the liberation of the womb, as well as the big subject of ‘mother’ in all her aspects.

Today, Rita combines all her knowledge and experience to bring it into the community with her workshops in Zürich and around the world.


  • Breathing technique for childbirth (Mongane-method)
  • Rebirthing with Leonard Orr
  • Tao of the woman
  • Healing the feminine sexuality
  • Workshops on healing the mother wound
  • Creation of rites of passage
  • Alchemy of Breath AoB
  • Conscious Connected Breathing
  • TRE Trauma Release Exercise with David Berceli
  • Teacher in andragogy (SVEB 1)

Our Breathers' Experiences

Attending Breathwork retreat has profoundly changed my life! I met the most amazing people, accepting every messy bit of me and showering me with love and support. The sessions and classes helped me to connect with my intuition on a very deep and safe level. I highly recommend the whole experience, it will push you forward in your processes in a way you wouldn't expect.

I'm quite new to breathwork. Breathing techniques that they use here are wow, so powerful. I literally connected with my ancestors and it was the most loving beautiful experience that I could have ever imagined. They brought me to tears, I got rid of so many things out of me that were in the body and then it just released me to this loving kind of happy place where I can see that the universe is actually not hostile.

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