Shadows in the Sun

Jamie Catto

August 31st - September 3rdTuscany, Italy
We begin in:

free with accommodation

On the Shadows in the Sun Retreat

Ready to change your life forever while laughing, crying, and learning how to undo what's been done in a crazy world?

Jamie Catto is a modern day medicine man, accomplished musician, filmmaker, and teacher – and a Great friend to ASHA.

Get ready to open up, take a risk, and come out fresh, new, and creative… with perhaps the direction you’ve been looking for in changing times.

Free event

Jamie Catto is offering this event for free. That's right - Jamie is amazing! You just need to pay for your retreat bundle of accommodation and food, and that's it.


After purchasing your accommodation and food bundle, you'll be given the opportunity to donate directly to Jamie to help support his great work.

Accommodation Pricing

Special intro course with Jamie Catto.

One-time unique price.
Applies to this event only as we welcome Jamie to ASHA!
All inclusive with food and accommodation. Prices are per person. Transportation to and from airport not included.

Accommodation Type


Jamie Catto is an author, film-maker and musician running transformational workshops and events to reclaim all the treasure we edited away into the shadows.

His work support all those daring to be more real, more fallible, more tender, more intimate.

His mission is to create a world full of ‘walking permission slips’ where we all lighten up and enjoy the unpredictable human path together with humour, playfulness and a healthy dose of irreverence. Jamie’s workshops and 1-1s provide a refreshing approach to inner work with the right dose of playfulness and depth.

He facilitates these professional, personal and creative breakthroughs by drawing from his own processes in ground-breaking film production, philosophy voyages and his music career.


Bring your own tent

We have lots of wooded places for you to pitch your own tent.  You’re welcome to use all of our facilities as well.  Be sure to bring all your own bedding, and whatever else you may need. 

Come in a camper

Campers are welcome at ASHA, we have limited space so suggest booking asap, as this is one of our most popular options.  You’re welcome to use all of our facilities. Like to bring a guest?  See our ASHA FAQ’s for more information.  

Glamping in ASHA tent

We’re super excited about our new bell tents.  Furnished with 1 to 2 single mattresses, share or take this option solo.  They are lovely, and so very close to nature.  You’re also welcome to use our shared showers and toilets, plus our other facilities. 

Shared room

2-3 in a room, with private bathroom

Each room with 2-3 single beds has it’s own private bathroom. The beds are typically a meter apart, and shared with the same sex.  3 of these rooms are in a cottage with their own kitchen, living room, and fireplace – and one is in the main house. 

Private Cottage

1-2 people

We have 3 private cottages. One is an open studio with a double canopy bed from Bali, and a fireplace.  It also has a cozy living room and kitchen space, and it’s own bathroom. This is ideal for a single person or couple sharing a bed. Our other 2 private cottages are 1 bedroom units that have their own living room, kitchen and bathroom.  They are ideal for a couple, or a share with 2 single beds. 

Frequently Asked Questions


It is Jamie’s highest vision to ensure that all his workshops and events are 100% inclusive. 

We are not increasing the accommodation prices for this retreat. The accommodation prices stay exactly the same as they do normally and you get this event for free! 

Please, donate – all donations will go to Jamie!

Please arrive by 9 am on the 31st.  The event ends on the 3rd at 17:30.  You are welcome to book extra nights accommodation at ASHA before or after the event. Contact Morgane at

Breakfast is served from 8-9:30.  Class is from 10:30-17:30 with lunch and a good break starting at 1 pm.  Dinner is at 7 pm.  So if you’d like to book a massage, intuitive reading, breathwork session, or sound healing – you will have plenty of time to do that!

Beautiful and abundant plant-based cuisine!  You can also order cold-pressed green juice at an extra cost.

Yes, though only in the main house, not in the rooms, or around the property.

We suggest picking up a TIM or Wind SIM card when you arrive Italy. Because ASHA is half hour away from a major town, it’s important to pick it up before coming to ASHA.

It’s about 1.5 kilometers or a 20 minute very beautiful walk along a vast massive view of the valley to town.  It’s up a big hill from ASHA, so it’s for the fit-minded.  Otherwise, it’s a 5 minute drive. There is a potential to rent an electric bike in town.

Notebook, pen, pack light, bring a layer for the evening as it’s a bit humid.

Yes, we offer them, and there will be time in your schedule to experience our wide variety of offerings. See the Well-Being section below to learn more.

At ASHA we have 7 cats, and 2 dogs.  Given the sensitive nature of cats (and previous not so great experiences with dogs chasing them) leashes are required – and strictly enforced.   And no, our dogs are not on leashes as they are integrated with our cats. They know who the boss is, and we know where they poo.  We are surrounded by endless woods where your dog can roam free, though please keep them on a leash while at ASHA.  Also, please be mindful of cleaning up poo so no one steps in it!  There’s a 40 euro donation fee per pet.

About 20 minutes away in a town called Aquapente.

Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot. Please do not smoke inside or outside of your room, in the common areas, or other areas of ASHA, and all camp locations.  And do consider that smoking isn’t a part of our culture, and not encouraged.

There are three restaurants in Castell’Azzara: La Tana d’Orso – which is our all time favorite, a pizzeria called La Rosa dei Venti, and in the summer there’s home restaurant called Febo. Also in nearby San Giovanni delle Contee (10 minutes drive away), there’s Osteria Maccalè – we love this place.  Also check out the nearby towns for more options (that are super beautiful) Pitigliano and Sorano.

Please keep in mind we are well-being center… this just isn’t the place for smoking, drugs, or alcohol. Like to have a glass of wine here and there?  Sure.  Though we trust you understand the nature of this work, and will not abuse the use of wine, just because it’s part of Italian culture (at ASHA, and in general while staying in the area).

There’s one grocery store – The Co-op – and veg store, and a Thursday morning produce/general stuff market as well. The Co-op does have some organic dry products.  We recommend bringing any speciality items. It’s basic in Castell’Azzara, not bad, though basic.

There are many hiking trails around ASHA! If you’re interested, we recommend checking with our community member Stuart, who knows pretty much all of them. Castell’Azzara is surrounded with beautiful villages, such as Pitigliano or Sorano. There are also many historical sites dating back to the Etruscan people, the ancestors whose spirits are still spreading blessings to the land around ASHA.

Kids are very welcome at ASHA, and a huge part of our vision.  There’s plenty of space for them to roam around in a safe environment. Please be responsible for them at all times, including their clean up in communal spaces.  Kids under 10 eat and stay for free.  Babysitting services are also available.  

On this page, just above the FAQ’s, please see the section “How To Get To ASHA” – for full travel info.


  • Well-being/healing sessions (donation fees apply)
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Complimentary coffee and tea table
  • Airport/train/bus service (donation fees apply)

All guests are welcome to use our facilities.

No, sorry that’s not possible.  

Yes, you can! Although, we suggest to stay for all of the days to experience this retreat fully.  A full day pass is 90 euros, and includes 3 meals each day, access to the event and facilities. 

Well-Being Sessions

Intuitive Readings with ASHA co-founder Amy Rachelle, Sound Healing with resident teacher Ron, and Massage with Muji (she’s amazing, just ask for the type of session you’d like).  We also offer breathwork sessions as well. Prices range from 85 – 150 euros, depending on the treatment).

Once you’ve booked your accommodation, contact Gemma at to book well-being sessions.

What should I bring?

Extra costs

COVID Compliance​


We recommend securing travel insurance to cover Covid regulations, changes, etc.

We recommend bringing your own yoga mat for safety.

We do not offer refunds. 

How To Get To ASHA

Località Le Piane, Castell’azzara, GR 58034

Put this in your navigator:


We will pick you up by car (it is about 1 hour away from ASHA).

WhatsApp: +44 7877 936129 (book your pick up here at least 3 days in advance from event).  This is also your contact number in general for ASHA.

The charge for this service, each way:
EUR 50, traveling alone (small car)
EUR 70, two or more (this can be split amongst travelers)

For more information regarding flights and travel within Italy, please download this PDF.

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Free Breathwork Sessions

Led by Anthony Abbagnano, these sessions are dedicated to working through grief & anxiety
Event starts:
October 9th & 16th