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We are happy to have you with us and excited that you care enough about the world to take steps towards its healing. As you scroll down you will find the offerings of each of our space holders, each of whom brings their own particular medicine to our community. 


Please gather your friends and family to join the groups, so we can look at some of the issues that matter most in these challenging times, and help our community grow. 


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Anthony and Amy

Jamie Catto

Alchemy Conversation Topic: Transforming Shadows

When: Saturdays | PM: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

“Jamie Catto is a human icebreaker with a prow of determination and a motor of love, slicing through the frozen seas around us.” — Tom Robbins

Wonderful treasure we reclaim from ‘the shadow’ includes feeling comfortable to take centre stage, enjoying dancing, allowing the discovery of failure, allowing oneself (and others) to be messy sometimes, singing, arting, wearing colours, being fully honest with family and friends, self-care, cracking yourself up, being able to release emotion with crying, experiencing the passion of your anger, standing up for yourself, engaging with causes and healing, laughing at ourselves, being generous, allowing others to support us in our vulnerability, being sexy, enjoying all kinds of pleasure… The shadow is not just the dark and yucky bits, it’s all the parts of ourselves we learnt at young ages were ‘unwelcome’ or got us rejected or told off. What natural parts of yourself did you shut down as a kid? Let’s welcome them home together in our conversation.

About Jamie

Jamie Catto is an author, film-maker and musician running transformational workshops and events to reclaim all the treasure we edited away into the shadows and facilitate everyone daring to be more real, more fallible, more tender, more intimate. Jamie’s workshops and one-to-ones provide a refreshing approach to inner work with the right dose of playfulness and depth.

Ronia Fraser

Alchemy Conversation Topic: Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

When: Wednesdays | PM: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

Narcissistic Abuse is one of the most common but least acknowledged (and least understood) forms of abuse which without fail has a detrimental impact on the survivor’s health and quality of life. Against the common narrative it doesn’t have to be a life sentence though! Join this conversation series and get all your burning questions answered first hand by someone who gets it, discover what it is that’s keeping you stuck and find hope in knowing that there indeed is a way out of this nightmare.

About Ronia

Ronia Fraser is an award-winning Trauma Recovery Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist and one of the leading experts in the field of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. She’s been helping abuse survivors from all over the world get back on their feet, regain their mental health and recover who they were always meant to be since 2017.

Ron Bunzl

Alchemy Conversation Topic: The Art Of Relationship (A Conversation to Change the Conversation)

When: Thursdays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

Polarization, Inclusivity, Authority, Deep Democracy – all are important themes of this moment of human and world evolution. Each is an expression of relationship – relationship with the mystery of consciousness, identity, dreams, feelings, stories that shape our lives; relationship with others and with the world. In this series you will learn concepts and instruments harvested from years of study and practice of mindfulness meditation, non-violent communication, body-mind work and other inspirations to the conversation.

About Ron

Ron Bunzl is a visual artist, theater director/choreographer, musician, filmmaker, facilitator, storyworker, mentor and creativity coach with decades of experience. He is the founder of LALA [life arts learning academy]. A long time student and practitioner of disciplines including non-violent communication, process work, voice dialog, body-mind movement work, and mindfulness meditation, Ron’s work combines an interdisciplinary artistic approach, experiential psychology, and spiritual practice. He is currently Culture and Communication Lead at the ASHA community project and teaches in the Inner Journey program of the Alchemy Of Breath facilitators training.

Hannah Cornall

Alchemy Conversation Topic: Sexuality To Combat Crisis In 2021

When: Fridays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

Sexuality is one of our most basic human needs and the source of our innate creativity. It may also be the most suppressed human need. In the West especially, we see our own and other people’s boundaries crossed constantly, perpetuating a cycle of trauma that goes back many, many years. Our collectively shunned sexuality is stopping us from tapping into pure source energy! Let’s rewrite the script. Let’s talk about sexuality and heal this long overdue collective wound in a confidential, safe, supportive, and nurtured community space!

About Hannah C

Hannah Cornall (they/them) is a non-binary actor, model, writer, and recent graduate of Alchemy of Breath. Hannah is a willing student of life whose experiences have made them sensitive, trauma aware and passionate about personal and collective growth. Sexuality’s vast potential for healing and empowerment is Hannah’s current enquiry. Other than the breath, Hannah believes in the power of community, vulnerability, and compassionately encouraging the truth to the surface of our lives.

Abigail Iquo Isuo

Alchemy Conversation Topic: Reconnecting Through Trauma – An Opportunity to Re-Discover the Art of Connected Conversation from the Heart

When: Tuesdays | PM: 5.15 pm – 6.15 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

Trauma is anything that happened to us that was too much, too soon, and too fast when our only skills were to get angry, run and hide or shut down, disconnect and become numb. There are all kinds of traumas and most of us relate through these learned protective mechanisms which were at one point intelligent strategies to survive but are now part of the human suffering problem. Let’s open a conversation where we can be compassionate and vulnerable and take a deep dive into the infinite potential we are! Let’s show up for ourselves, allow our fragmented and hidden parts to be seen, and bring the light into the dark.

About Abigail

Abigail Iquo Isuo is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Constellator, Breath worker, and EMDR practitioner. She is also a passionate Facilitator and Leader in Training of the Path of Love. She has worked in the field of psychology for over 25 years and is passionate about transformation, truth, trauma/overwhelm in the nervous system, and discovering what lies beneath our conditioning and pre-programmed attitudes to life.

Julian von Dueffel

Alchemy Conversation Topic: Inner Voice Empowerment

When: Sundays | PM: 4:00 – 5:00 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

‘Inner Voice Empowerment’ will be a safe, supportive space where you can explore your inner emotional landscape. There will be no judgement as you take a close look at vulnerability, tenderness, and your emotions. It’s a space to deeply connect yourself with what got lost along the way; what is hidden within, shielded or put away carefully.

You will find this place within, and discover how to be simply true to yourself, to embrace vulnerability and to empower your inner voice.

About Julian

Julian von Dueffel is a trained Breathwork Facilitator & Mentor with the Alchemy of Breath and an Emotional Accountant Guide with a strong passion for development of the soul, body, mind, and heart. Julian believes that simply sensing our inner selves and being true to ourselves leads us to a balanced state of being. He believes that constantly shaping our daily personal and professional actions is key to aligning the future best version of ourselves with the power of the present moment.

Kyle Reeves and Simon Sweeney

Alchemy Conversation Topic: The Art of Fulfillment

When: Mondays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour

Inside all of our searching for something or someone to fulfill us lives the desire to Come Home.

Home is the space inside that we inhabit when we are fully immersed in our moment by moment experience. Together, we will practice how to come Home and make contact with reality directly through our felt sense of Presence, to savour and receive rather than consume and control our experience; entering the space inside where we discover we are no longer seekers. We are Found. We are HOME. We will also share and explore how these practices apply to everyday life and to the realms of love, sexuality and relationship.

About Kyle and Simon

Kyle and Simon’s work is informed by the Diamond Approach (a psycho-dynamic approach to Awakening that allows us to know our essential nature), Internal Family Systems therapy and Tantra. They use inquiry, meditation, Breathwork and a range of sensual and somatic practices to support people in making contact with their direct experience and exploring their relationship to themselves, each other and life itself.

Hannah Kendaru

Alchemy Conversation Topic: Living in Community: Conscious Conversations on Culture and Diversity

When: Sundays | PM: 8:30 am – 9:30 am | UK Time | 1 hour

We are in remarkable times and what emerges next will be a collaboration of all our collective pain and wisdom. There are whispers of knowledge that you hold, through your story, lineage, ancestry and experience. This series is a conscious connected conversation for all interested in inquiring into the ways in which we embody our cultures, what diversity lies in our own stories and how they have become part of our survival for safety, belonging and dignity. Using an embodied approach, using the breath, we will uncover, discuss and share in order to transform and heal the barriers to love and unity.

About Hannah

Hannah Kendaru is an Indonesian-British Breathwork Practitioner and Embodiment Facilitator working on embodied approaches to healing intergenerational, historical, institutional and personal trauma. She uses breathwork and embodiment to bring us back into the deep remembrance of what love, liberation and justice means. She uses the breath to remember our connection to the earth, to our lineages and ancestors; to decolonize and re-wild our civilized minds, bodies and spirits. She provides two pathways to work with: breathwork therapy and breathwork education.

  • Jamie Catto | Saturdays | PM: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Julian von Dueffel | Sundays | PM: 4:00 – 5:00 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Hannah Kendaru | Sundays | AM: 8:30 – 9:30 am | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Kyle Reeves & Simon Sweeney | Mondays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Abigail Iquo Isuo | Tuesdays | PM: 5.15 pm – 6.15 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Ronia Fraser | Wednesdays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Ron Bunzl | Thursdays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Hannah Cornall | Fridays | PM: 6 pm – 7 pm | UK Time | 1 hour
  • Online live event | Zoom

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