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Whatever your pain, change it to gain with 4 secrets to transformation - instantly!

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Disempowered, stuck, lacking creativity, needing to change things but don’t know how? Stressed, anxious, unheard and uninspired? 

Unleash your power and transform your challenges to breakthroughs. This is not just possible, but inevitable – if you come to our 4-part series. 

Get back in the driver’s seat with our Seeds of Alchemy live intensive, designed to create change. It’s all about alchemy, and how you can use simple secrets to create the changes you want in your life.

This isn’t theory, it’s about using fun exercises, discovering how much power you really have, using guided breathwork sessions to embody it, and putting it to good use – immediately. With the guidance Anthony and Amy give, you won’t just talk about change, you will become it.

Throughout this program, you will:

What's included?

4 live interactive seminars, 2.5 hours each

Ask Anthony & Amy questions, bring your life experience, and co-create with the community. Each session includes a live guided breathwork session.  

Exercises & exploration to deepen your experience

Find out why age-old reactions to trauma have held you back.  Throw off the chains of containment and lift the lid on what you may have thought are your upper limits!

Access to a private Facebook group

Have conversations with like-minded breathers from all around the world, including certified graduates.  Be connected and supported. Become a part of something bigger.

Video recordings of every class and breathwork session

Video recordings of every class and breathwork session. Each week’s call and video will be available for download for your future use and reference.

Anthony and Amy normally charge $450/hour for private sessions - now is your chance to get 10 hours of live time with this inspiring couple, including 4 full breathworks!

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Bring what troubles you most, and be inspired to become the Creator of the changes you want to make in your life.

Seeds of Alchemy

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5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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The Mastery of Creativity...

9 simple steps that provide us with the container for our journey together. They’ll do a lot more too! Create relationships that are more dynamic, authentic and fun. From this class alone you will discover how to transform dull relating into vibrant co-creativity and end co-dependency that often leads to pain.

Deconstructing Old Belief Systems...

Be amazed by how you have managed through the years with a funky, outdated operating system! Why not choose one that is current, commanding and creative? Make fresh choices that serve you and those around you too.

The Drama Triangle...

Ever found you go to help someone and get blamed for it? Or have you found yourself the victim of others? Notice the signs of this human dynamic before it happens, and use embodied practices for clarity and strength that create different outcomes. Use the Breath to step from drama to dharma.

G.U.R.U. Gee. You. Are. You...

There is no guru who knows more than you do. All you need to do is breathe, learn the access route, and then rely on the wisest advisor of all, your own inner voice. In these days together, discover how to do this with simplicity and ease.

The Power of Presence...

Respond instead of react, create instead of crumble, and float instead of flounder. Take the wheel of your life by using the breath in any given moment. Be present not just in mind, but in heart and body too.

The Power of Persona...

Learn to discern. What a persona is and how can it help you – or maybe more importantly, how it can hurt you! The point is to be conscious, and to know when you are doing what! Engage in illuminating exercises that help you to grow awareness, and perceive life beyond personas.

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Meet your Teachers

Anthony Abbagnano
& Amy Rachelle

Anthony Abbagnano is the founder of Alchemy of Breath. He’s also the founder of The Ark in Bali, Indonesia, a retreat center dedicated to community health and emerging consciousness, and of ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts), a retreat and community center located underneath a medieval village in Southern Tuscany.

With 40 years of personal breathing practice and exploration, Anthony has explored many different styles of the breath, including rebirthing, LeBoyer, holotropic, transformational, Sufi breathing, and pranayama. Now he brings his life experience of motivational speaking, shamanic studies, clinical hypnotherapy, Bodytalk therapy, Conscious Loving coaching (Hendricks Institute), sound healing and medicine, and aromatherapy to his breathwork teachings and trainings.

As a result of his own healing journey, including his survival and transformation from a near-death experience, Anthony holds tender space for the depth of journey that some need to make as part of their healing path, transforming what has troubled them in the past into the joy and ecstasy that a breathwork practice provides.

Amy Rachelle, ND is an American medical medium and naturopath specializing in food as medicine, detox, and working intuitively to help people (mainly women) gain direction, healing, and empowerment – mind, body, and spirit.  She’s been using breath practices personally and with her clients for the past 20 years.

She’s also a visionary, teacher, retreat leader, writer, and business person. In 2020 she co-founded ASHA, Alchemy School of Healing Arts with her partner and husband, Anthony Abbagnano.

Together they are building a holistic community and regenerating a forgotten village in Tuscany, Italy, populating it with their large online following.

Whether working with an individual, groups, or in conscious business, the basis of Amy’s work is about supporting our greatest human potential.  Including our innate ability to heal through natural medicine and self-care practices.  She facilitates self-reinvention, regeneration and resilience, and coming home to a joyful natural state – specific to the times we live in. Birthing a better world in times of massive change and bringing people together for personal growth and healing is Amy’s passion, along with writing her own songs, singing, performing, and living a life of courage and love.

Alchemy of Breath is not a medical practice and facilitators are not medical trained.

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