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Join us for a special Alchemy of Breath 1-week Course that will help you unlock the power of conscious breathing!

In a world that becomes more challenging every day, how could you and those around you benefit from your steadiness and presence?

With our LIVE Seeds of Alchemy online course you will get to explore:

  • The mastery of creativity
  • Discovery of your own wisdom-spring
  • How to create relationships that really work for and support you
  • The inner you that wants to shine forth in full power!
  • How present you can be
  • How to deconstruct old belief systems that hold you back in life
  • Your own resources and inner guides
  • Trusting your intuition and magician-ship!
  • An understanding of how conscious breathwork can help you, in your own particular situation, whatever it may be.
  • Take-aways and tools to integrate breathwork into your daily life
  • Understanding the power of inquiry

Our Seeds of Alchemy live online workshops offer a whole new life-view, and give you tools and techniques you can use immediately to improve your relationships – first with yourself, then others too. You will be shown how to use your own breath to awaken your senses, trust your creativity, and deepen your presence.

From dealing with stress, processing grief or unresolved trauma, finding clarity and insight, greater connection to self and source, increased presence and mindfulness, enhanced self-love and compassion, unlocking your creative potential and more, breathwork is a powerful tool for daily life.

Anthony Abbagnano has taught thousands how to develop a daily practice that supports their strength. Now you can learn the Alchemy of Breath in the comfort of your own home, with friends and family.

Anthony will show you how to use the Alchemy of Breath to create an entirely new approach to life and all its twists and turns. By taking the controls of your journey, you can create huge inner and outer shifts just by using the Alchemy of Breath as your tool. Join Anthony to learn new questions that stimulate inquiry to access the hidden part of yourself that already knows – your intuition. Use special techniques to uncover the enormous untapped strength that lies within you.


  • 4 Live Two and a Half Hour Seminar’s each with their own Breathwork Session
  • Exercises and Exploration to deepen your experience
  • Access to a private Alchemy of Breath Facebook group and community
  • Video recordings of each class and breathwork session

Seeds Of Alchemy Online, acts as the foundation course (level 1), for Anthony’s ALCHEMY OF BREATH FACILITATOR TRAINING. It sets the stage for an exciting journey of self-empowerment and the option to become a top quality practitioner. On a personal level (and perhaps professional), you will have the opportunity to make the changes you most need and go for what you really want – supported and held. Whether you choose to continue your work with Alchemy of Breath or not this course is a standalone and whole experience.


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