Seeds Of Alchemy 2 Day Workshop

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Seeds of Alchemy has been designed to deepen your experience of breathwork, and also to learn how to use it as a tool for your continued self-development. We want you to leave with practical ways to make positive changes in your life that are measurable and memorable.

Furthermore, it is the foundation course for our Annual Training, which consists of both online and workshop based training over a 10 month period.

During this two-day intensive we will be breathing 4 times, and also covering material that is deep and powerful, yet also fun. The transformation opportunity is here right now, and all Alchemy of Breath graduates are part of the family that is here to support you on your journey.

Join us on April 10th & 11th of April in Ubud

You will be connected to the breathing family on our facebook groups, and be given opportunities to join forums and our community in such a way as to receive further support after the workshop. We want to welcome you not just to the Alchemy Family, but also to give you the tools to come an Agent for Change, first of all in your own life, then for those around you.

Our tool is the Breath, and we use it to access our body archive and inner being that contains all the wisdom we need. May your journey with us be rich and memorable!

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Join me for a humorous, light-hearted approach to letting the crack widen, and celebrate the brightness that lies in each of us.

The Alchemy of Breath is an easy practice to learn and in just one session you can receive life changing results. The benefits to name a few are…
– Improving relationships
– Making peace with forgiveness
– Breaking addiction
– Increasing creativity
– Improving your problem-solving capability
– Creating a state of presence in difficult situations
– Improving communication skills
– Changing and refresh your life view
– Creating immediate and deep meditation capacity
– Creating joy in your daily life

Practising Conscious Breathwork benefits the Respiratory, Immune, Circulatory, Nervous, Digestive, Urinary, Muscular and Structural bodily systems.

The practice reaches us on all levels of our being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many people have understood so much about themselves in one session, becoming empowered to create new life choices. So if there are parts of your life that feel stuck, or stuffy and dull, bring them to our session and see what can happen. If you have serious questions about your life, or simply want to bring something new into it, then come and join us.