Alchemy Student Graduation 

26 October – 2 November,  2020

Student Only Registration
Each time we do a BreathCamp, we are reminded of the ‘why’ that motivates us to do this wonderful work. Join your peers, colleagues, Mentors and Masters of Breath as we co-create what will be one of the most powerful experiences of a lifetime, as you come together for the final stage of training: Graduation.


With limited onsite accommodation available, we urge you to book as soon as possible, and if you are coming to graduate please be sure to book before the end of September to guarantee your place. Alchemy of Breath students and mentors alike are welcomed to this extraordinary 7 day camp.


The Alchemy Student Graduation retreat has been highly curated to offer you the most holistic approach to healing and learning available.


  • Daily breathwork and education sessions: Unlock the power of conscious breathing as you already know it. Gain insights and awareness from holding space for your peers, from angeling support, and your personal breathwork practice. Deepen your knowledge with further workshops relating to your practice, including bodywork, appropriate touch, boundaries, and ethical practice, and increase your level of understanding tenfold as we work in person. Release any final unresolved blocks in your work, and become embodied in your expanded awareness.

  • Constructive, reflective feedback: Enjoy daily feedback circles to help you grow exponentially in self-awareness and inform your practice.

  • Opportunity to make changes in your life: Using fun exercises, deep inquiry, and the breath, learn what it feels like to work as a team with your fellow students and discover your unique way of offering the breath. Get traction where you need it most, and transform relationships into vibrant co-creativity in this loving, supportive, community of practice. 

  • Daily yoga/meditation sessions: An essential practice to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, these daily yoga/meditation sessions are a crucial tool in the development of self-awareness and healing process. 

Put 9 months of hard work and commitment to your studies into practice with this 7 days of intense programme. With the guidance our teachers and team offer, you’ll develop the confidence to move from student to professional and offer breathwork to the world. Remember that first spark of interest, the moment when you first heard the call? Now you get to see the fruits of your inspiration become manifest. Congratulations!



We are located in one of the most famous areas of Ubud (which is really a collection of villages) called Sayan where the top end hotels such as the Four Seasons and the Amandari are located. It is a 30 minute walk into central Ubud through the artists colony of Penestanan where there are several fantastic restaurants such as Alchemy, Element, Pachamama and Sari Organic. Also some great cafes such as Kopi Desa and Vespa.


Sample daily schedule…

​7:00: Yoga

8:00: Breakfast

10:00: Breathwork / Workshops

1:00: Lunch

2:30: Breathwork / Workshops

6:00: Dinner

Beautiful location and accommodation (please book separately)

Optional morning yoga / meditation

Daily breathwork sessions which are open to the public

1 Mandala breathwork session

1 Water breathwork session 

2 Bodywork classes

1 Trauma class

A Balinese ceremony

​*Airfare and travel to and from airport not included

Student Only Registration


We recommmend Pondok Wayu as a wonderful place to stay, and your presence will contribute to the sense of family we love to establish during a BreathCamp. We have also negotiated good prices for the rooms. However you are not obliged to stay here. Pondok Wayu is the venue where the BreathCamp takes place.

Pondok Wayu is perched on the epic Sayan ridge, in the most exclusive part of Ubud, this super spacious Javanese teak house boasts fantastic views and a variety of spacious accommodations to suit all. It is the flagship property within the unique and beautiful Pondok Wahyu – an experience of old Bali. With 20 beds in 11 rooms you are sure to find something perfect for you. Accommodation is booked on a first come first served basis.

Please contact the venue directly via or for the accommodation, meals & transport from airport bookings. The venue will send you links to Airbnb so you can view accommodation options and make your choice. 

Pablo Castro

Master of Breath / Trainer

Pablo Castro is a world-wide traveler currently living in Bali, Indonesia where he offers weekly breathes, workshops, retreats and more. He has been with Alchemy of Breath for over two years, sharing the breath, as well as serving as a teacher for their Facilitator Training. Pablo believes in a gentle approach to transformation, recognizing the importance and potency of feeling safe and honoring one’s personal journey. He uses the breath as a way to navigate his internal world. He has discovered that when we embrace our shadow, develop a relationship with our inner child and find our center, we regain our own ability to truly take care of ourselves and hold space for whatever comes up.

Pablo also works with the healing element of the water, sharing a water therapy called Wataflow which works with breath and over/underwater movements.


“This experience brought me a clear perception of the reality of my current situation. It gave me structure and calm. I let go of the ever-present control, feeling spacious, my outer and inner worlds together: the perfect ground to make important decisions and roll on light-heartedly with life. If someone thinks about giving it a try…just do it, don’t hesitate! Thanks to all the breathers, thanks to Anthony…you are my family”


“It was like travelling to another world, one I can come to whenever I want. I felt a vibration, a relaxation and much more a state of peace. A special place where I don’t need to protect myself from anyone. I’ve been on an astral voyage!”


“Such a beautiful trip. Went so deep every time. I dropped right into my heart when you mentioned: “I believe in me”. Funny, I had never thought about believing in myself before. Now I will hold that dearly and I wish the same for everyone else. Thank you Anthony.”


“This is such an opportunity to connect to my self and to deal with so many emotional things. I feel all the things I’m attached to which have no purpose. All the fears and traumas that I have faced, I now feel blissful in the most complete way. The breath makes me focus on my true self and all my potential. Thank you all for the sharing, the love and the commitment.”


This camp is free to students and Alchemy mentors, you just need to arrange & pay for accommodation and food.

As part of your facilitator training course, and to graduate you would need to attend all 7 days. If you attend as a graduated student or a mentor we also wish for you to attend all seven days. 

Bali BreathCamp does not include accommodation. We strongly advise booking a room at the venue so you get the most from your experience of the camp programme. For bookings at Pondok Wayhu please contact Ian Mullett on and see accommodation options at
The venue can also help with transport and local advice. You are also welcome to find your own accommodation outside of the venue.

Yes you can, please book accommodation through the venue accordingly. 

The venue will be catering for us so please liaise directly with them to book in for lunch, breakfast and dinner. The venue is unique in its local arrangements in that the Balinese staff buy & prepare the food, which is cheap and good.

If you decide to eat outside the venue for breakfast or dinner, this is fine.  We advise everyone to at least book lunch at the venue as we will be submerged in the programme each day with a short break for lunch. 
​If you have any food allergies, please list them in the relevant section on the registration form. The venue caters for vegan and gluten free and any serious allergies to certain foods, but not food preferences.
All the food is prepared on site so any allergies can be communicated to the staff – they all speak at least basic English.

It can be wet in bursts so some sort of waterproof would be useful but it’s always warm 24/7 so no need for winter woolies. A sarong, flip flops, light tops, a sweatshirt, yoga pants, shorts.  

There are mosquito nets on all the beds but there is a period around dusk where some people can get bitten.  Bring a repellent if you are susceptible.

Salads, nasi goreng, chicken, fruit plates, eggs, curry.  The venue will send menus on request. The food culture in Ubud is actually mind boggling – every conceivable cuisine is well catered for and there are some wonderful cafes including, vegan and raw nearby.

Is at 8.30am on the 26th October. Although you will not be able to check into your rooms (unless booked the night before, on the 25th) until 2pm on the 26th.

Camp closes at 16:30 on the 2nd November

Talk to the venue.  They have very good, safe drivers who know what they are doing and have been personally vetted by the management.

Yes, parking is provided. 


It is 25km away, which can take as little as an hour or as much as two depending on time of day.  The venue is used to providing transport to and from the airport and we strongly suggest you take their advice. 

There is a spectacular 17m ionised pool at the venue.  It is not heated.  No pools in Bali are heated.  

There is a laundry service.
Massages can be arranged onsite.
Scooter can be hired onsite.
Taxis into town can be arranged onsite.


Alchemy of Breath reserves the right to change the order of events, faculty and staff.
Payments are non-refundable, and participants are advised to take out their own travel insurance.