Join us for 7 days of healing, restoration and truth-seeking.


Nestled in the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado, amongst a rugged, wild and achingly still landscape, Blazing Mountain Retreat Center is a space designed to take you deep in an exploration of your innermost self.

For thousands of years, people of the Pueblo, Ute and Navajo tribes recognized the San Luis Valley as a rich place for spiritual growth and healing. For 7 days, we will work with the energy of this long history, taking space to dive deep into an exploration of the power of the breath.

You’ll be held gently within a container formed by Alchemy of Breath founder Anthony Abbagnano, our trainers, certified facilitators and recent graduates, with more love and support than you could ever need, so you can relax, heal, restore and melt back into the nourishment of your soul.

Our retreats have been highly curated to offer you the most holistic approach to healing available.


  • Daily breathwork sessions: Unlock the power of conscious breathing, release unresolved trauma and become embodied in expanded awareness with our daily breathwork sessions.

  • Seeds of Alchemy: Make the change you want in your life. Using fun exercises, inquiry and the Breath, get traction where you need it and transform relationships into vibrant co-creativity.

  • Healthy, raw/vegan/vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner: Fuel and energize your body with healthy, nutrient-rich, plant-based meals every day.

  • Daily yoga/meditation sessions: An essential practice to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, daily yoga/meditation sessions are an essential tool in the healing process.

The foundation of this camp is rooted in our innovative Seeds of Alchemy Intensive program, purposely designed to create change.

This isn’t theory, it’s about using fun exercises, discovering how much power you really have, using guided breathwork sessions to embody it, and putting it to good use – immediately. With the guidance our Teachers give, you won’t just talk about change, you will become it.

This event offers you the opportunity to take a deep dive into the core of your identity, emerging victorious and bringing back with you the treasures that await.

So come and join us as we celebrate the graduation of some of our current students crossing the final threshold into Breathwork Facilitation and Self Mastery, and Immerse yourself in the breath, our community, and the magnificence of our Colorado location.


  • Learn tools and techniques you can use immediately to dissolve stress, transform trauma to triumph, and boost health and happiness.

  • Connect more deeply with self and source, enjoy the increased insight, clarity and mindfulness that’s waiting for you

  • Discover more love and compassion for yourself and others, bring more awareness and resilience to your relationships.

When we use Alchemy of Breath breathing system we shift everything – from inside out. This online intensive will tap you into your hidden strength and intuition so you can step out of being smaller than you really are.

Once complete, you’ll leave us feeling restored and revitalized for life, with clarity on your direction and a connection to your innermost power to help get you there. You’ll also be given the tool of the breath-one of the most powerful tools available for health, harmony and peace, and a natural way to experience greater clarity, connection and sense of wellbeing.

​Whatever You’re Looking To Transform, Shift Or Gain Insight On…
Everything Will Become Available To You At Breathcamp USA.



Blazing Mountain Retreat Center is considered one of the most beautiful retreat facilities in North America. It sits on 16-acres of land overlooking the San Luis Valley and the stunning 14,000 foot Crestone Peaks. The main hall was designed to lift you higher, to create an atmosphere of spaciousness and a sky-like mind, with stunning views of the valley below. It’s surrounded by protected land and includes a 24,000 square foot Shrine Hall building and a 24,000 square foot Residence Hall building, which together create a container to allow all participants to share the depth and richness of retreat life together.


The rugged and isolated high country is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and spiritualists alike with hiking, mountain biking, climbing, horseback riding, hot springs, and the Great Sand Dunes Park and Preserve all nearby along with spiritual centers that represent multiple faiths including Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Native American spiritual traditions, and a variety of New Age beliefs. The valley floor averages less than 8 inches of precipitation each year, making it the highest and largest alpine desert in North America.

Crestone itself is home to a large number of gifted health practitioners, healers, artists, and musicians. The area is known for alternative building and sustainable living, including food production with several organic growers.


All food is vegetarian and of the highest quality, nutrition, and taste. Produce is local, sustainable and/or organic from farms and suppliers in Crestone, the San Luis Valley, and the Rocky Mountain region. Meals are mostly gluten-free and dairy-free. All grains, beans, nuts, and seeds are pre-soaked to enhance the nourishment, digestion, and nutrition.


Sample daily schedule…

​7:00: Yoga

8:00: Breakfast

10:00: Breathwork / Workshops

1:00: Lunch

2:30: Breathwork / Workshops

6:00: Dinner

7 nights shared accommodations

7 healthy vegetarian breakfasts

7 nutritious vegetarian lunches

7 wholesome vegetarian dinners

Optional morning yoga

Daily breathwork sessions

1 mandala breathwork session

​*Airfare and travel to and from airport not included



Teacher & Founder

Anthony Abbagnano is the founder of Alchemy of Breath. He’s also the founder of The Ark in Bali, Indonesia, a retreat center dedicated to community health and emerging consciousness, and of ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts), a retreat and community center located underneath a medieval village in Southern Tuscany.

With 40 years of personal breathing practice and exploration, Anthony has explored many different styles of the breath, including rebirthing, LeBoyer, holotropic, transformational, Sufi breathing, and pranayama. Now he brings his life experience of motivational speaking, shamanic studies, clinical hypnotherapy, Bodytalk therapy, Conscious Loving coaching (Hendricks Institute), sound healing and medicine, and aromatherapy to his breathwork teachings and trainings.

As a result of his own healing journey, including his survival and transformation from a near-death experience, Anthony holds tender space for the depth of journey that some need to make as part of their healing path, transforming what has troubled them in the past into the joy and ecstasy that a breathwork practice provides.

Emily Ray Henderson

Master Teacher

Emily Ray Henderson is a certified Wellness Counselor, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, 500 HR-RYT Yoga Instructor and Facilitator with The Kula Collective, Ceremonial Space Holder & Alchemy of Breath Breathwork Practitioner & Master Teacher.

Emily uses a compassionate and intuitive approach to integrate mind, body & spirit to assist people in making change, creating balance and finding joy and passion in life.

Emily loves magic, cacao, dancing and connecting with nature and the ancient cultures of the world. She has a lightness of heart that is contagious and works gently but deeply with people through their transformation.

Pablo Castro

Master of Breath / Trainer

Pablo Castro is a world-wide traveler currently living in Bali, Indonesia where he offers weekly breathes, workshops, retreats and more. He has been with Alchemy of Breath for over two years, sharing the breath, as well as serving as a teacher for their Facilitator Training. Pablo believes in a gentle approach to transformation, recognizing the importance and potency of feeling safe and honoring one’s personal journey. He uses the breath as a way to navigate his internal world. He has discovered that when we embrace our shadow, develop a relationship with our inner child and find our center, we regain our own ability to truly take care of ourselves and hold space for whatever comes up.

Pablo also works with the healing element of the water, sharing a water therapy called Wataflow which works with breath and over/under water movements.

Gwen Payne

Practitioner / Faculty

Gwen is a woman of the world. She was born in Italy, grew up in Tunisia, and attended boarding schools in Europe for high school. She then came to the United States to pursue her college education. It was through her lifelong loves of yoga and dance that Gwen made the powerful connection that breath is transformative, which inspired her to become a Breathworker and Hypnotherapist in 2000 at the BodyMind Academy in Bellevue, Washington.

Gwen’s passion is supporting people coming home to their true nature through breath, sound, movement, and coaching. She intuitively employs and weaves together these modalities to help clients embody and stay consciously connected to their essential truth in the day to day.


“This experience brought me a clear perception of the reality of my current situation. It gave me structure and calm. I let go of the ever-present control, feeling spacious, my outer and inner worlds together: the perfect ground to make important decisions and roll on light-heartedly with life. If someone thinks about giving it a try…just do it, don’t hesitate! Thanks to all the breathers, thanks to Anthony…you are my family”


“It was like travelling to another world, one I can come to whenever I want. I felt a vibration, a relaxation and much more a state of peace. A special place where I don’t need to protect myself from anyone. I’ve been on an astral voyage!”


“Such a beautiful trip. Went so deep every time. I dropped right into my heart when you mentioned: “I believe in me”. Funny, I had never thought about believing in myself before. Now I will hold that dearly and I wish the same for everyone else. Thank you Anthony.”


“This is such an opportunity to connect to my self and to deal with so many emotional things. I feel all the things I’m attached to which have no purpose. All the fears and traumas that I have faced, I now feel blissful in the most complete way. The breath makes me focus on my true self and all my potential. Thank you all for the sharing, the love and the commitment.”


Single Suite

  • Private Bathroom

Single Room

  • Shared Bathroom

Double Room

  • Shared Bathroom, Twin Beds (2 people sharing)

Dorm (Bunks)

  • 2 – 4 person sharing (12 rooms)

*Airfare and travel to and from airport not included*


Yes. In order for us create a safe space for people to dive deep, and for true healing, growth and transformation to take place, we have limited people from coming in and out at different times through out the 7 days.

No this is not an option for Colorado BreathCamp.

​Yes. When you go through the registration form, you’ll come across a room request form where you can request anyone you would like to share a room with. If you’re booking last minute we may not be able to accommodate your request but we promise to do the absolute best we can!

​If you have any food allergies, please list them in the relevant section on the form once you have registered.

Blazing Mountain Retreat Center is at 8000 ft elevation and is in a very dry climate. It is easy to become dehydrated, and hydration is a key factor in preventing altitude sickness. If you are coming from lower altitudes, please remember to hydrate on your way to Crestone and while here. It may be useful to bring electrolytes (these can be purchased in individual packets in most health food stores) to help ease the transition. Plan on drinking more water than you are used to while you are here. And maybe consider arriving a day or so before the retreat starts into Denver or the local area.

Retreat offers a unique opportunity to unplug. We request that you refrain from cell phone and internet use during our programs, both for your own journey and so you do not disrupt the practice of others. During long retreats there will be specified periods for making calls to friends and family.

Calling Out
There is a landline phone available for participant use during specified periods. Long distance service is not available from the public phone, so please bring a calling card if you would like to use this phone.

Receiving Calls
Family and friends can get messages to you by calling the on-site program coordinator’s line: (719) 256-5938. Messages will be posted to a message board as they are received. Emergencies should be identified as such by the caller for urgent handling.

Internet access is not available.

We’re sorry but it’s not possible to do that. Check-in is open from 12:00 on 3rd July, and the programme starts at 15:00

If you arrive before that, please go to our Facebook Group to organise shared accommodation nearby. Denver is around four hours drive from our venue and Alamosa is only one. You may then be able to organise ride shares via our group. Please note that we cannot do this for you but you are welcome to use the group to organise this amongst yourselves.

Check out for guests is at 14:00 on 10th July. But the programme finishes at 12 o’clock to allow guests to get back to Denver for evening flights on the 10th.

The Blazing Mountain Retreat Center (BMRC) is located at 2541 Carefree Way, Crestone, CO 81131. If driving, please respect the Crestone community by using the directions given on the Blazing Mountain website instead of directions given by Google Maps, GPS services, etc, as these routes will take you through quiet residential neighbourhoods. For all transport information and printable driving directions, go to –

​We’re sorry but due to high demand, your reservation is only confirmed once payment has been made and we cannot hold rooms for you.

  1. Prescription medications: Please be sure to bring an ample supply of your medications. The nearest pharmacy is in Alamosa, which is approximately an hour away.
  2. Clothing For Indoors: We recommend loose-fitting, comfortable, and layered clothing.
  3. Personal Toiletries: Bring lip balm and good moisturizing lotion in addition to your usual necessities, as the climate is especially dry.
  4. Battery-powered Alarm Clock
  5. Non-Breakable Water Bottle: For safety reasons, no glass containers are allowed in the shrine room. Please make sure your water bottle has a tight-fitting lid.
  6. Money: Bring cash or debit/credit cards for potential miscellaneous expenses. There is an ATM in downtown Crestone.
  7. Phone Card: Cell phone reception may be poor or nonexistent, so a phone card is recommended.
  8. Notebook and Pens

The nearest pharmacy and hospital are an hour away. In an emergency, program staff can help refill prescriptions, but please be sure to bring an adequate supply of any necessary medications.


Alchemy of Breath reserves the right to change the order of events, faculty and staff.
Payments are non-refundable, and participants are advised to take out their own travel insurance.