UK BreathCamp

Gaunts House, Wimborne

October 6th - 14th, 2022

Welcome to BreathCamp!

Your home for the BreathCamp will be Gaunts House. Surrounded by majestic trees of differing greens, and a timeless landscape stretching into the distance, Gaunts House is naturally beautiful and peaceful.

Over the years Gaunts House has welcomed more than 100,000 visitors to experience the unique freedom it has to offer – a dogma-free space in which each person can take time to explore, embrace and express their most beautiful potential.


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October 6th - 14th, 2022

Accommodation Type



If you can’t join the 8 full days but still want to get the breathwork experience and/or meet our Alchemy team “in real life”, then join us for a 3-day experience.

If you join for October 6th-9th, you will get the live “Seeds of Alchemy” course as a bonus!

Join for a 3 day experienceOctober 6th - 9th, Includes full Seeds of Alchemy training course + daily breathwork morning activity + Accommodation 3 nights + 3 meals a day for 3 days




(pricing is per person)

Bring your own tent

Campers are welcome to pitch their tents around the edge of the Garden Lawn. The venue has good camping arrangements and a newly renovated Camper’s Shower & Loo Block. All cars park in the Car-park under the trees nearby.

Be sure to bring all your own bedding, and whatever else you may need. Pricing is per person.

Come in a camper

Campervans & caravans may be parked on the grass near the tennis court. The venue has plenty of space, with electric hook up. There is also a newly renovated shower and toilet block for campers next to the campsite or you are welcome to use the shared bathrooms in the house. Pricing is per person.

Twin room

Two people in a room, with shared bathroom. 

These rooms are generally pretty spacious with single beds in them. Some of the rooms may have a sink in them. This option is for use with shared bathrooms on the same floor. Pricing is per person.


1 in a room, ensuite bathroom

These rooms have a private bathrooms and are single occupancy. Pricing is per person.


2 in a room in a double bed, ensuite bathroom

These rooms come with a double bed in them and private en suite bathrooms including a bath. This accommodation is rustic, unique, and cozy! Pricing is per person.

Accommodation & Pricing

The retreat center has 9 shared guest suites with bathrooms, 2 event rooms, common rooms, surrounded by the Tahoe National Forest.


Campervans & Camping


$1,500Per person
$1,500Per person

Twin room

Two people in a room, with shared bathroom. 


$2,600$1300 / person


2 in a room in a double bed, ensuite bathroom




1 in a room, ensuite bathroom



The Trainers

Kerry Veitch

Kerry is an Alchemy of Breath Practitioner and a Facilitator Trainer. She has been connected to conscious connected Breathwork since she was 19 and has also trained as a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner and energy therapist. She serves the British Rebirth Society as a committee member, and founded the first UK annual Festival that celebrates all kinds of Breathwork

Kerry now works with her aunt Lynn Veitch who has been a Breathwork practitioner for 40 years, hosting online events, and has her own 1:1 offerings, and weekly Thursday evening online Breathwork sessions.​

Simona Dvorackova

Simona has been in the health and wellbeing industry since 2001. With her career spanning over two decades she has gathered different skill sets and experience in modalities such as body work, energy healing and hypnotherapy.

She was welcomed into the Alchemy of Breath family in 2018 as a student in T5 and has since taken on the role of course trainer.

She has a passion in assisting people to achieve their optimal health and wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Deborah Maddison

Deborah Maddison found TRE and Breathwork after a long search, following medical retirement from the Navy in her late 20s. Anxiety, depression, complex PTSD had swamped her, but through TRE and Breathwork she steadily found herself becoming more grounded, more embodied, and more alive. She still uses these practices daily to come home to herself, as they support nervous system regulation, release from tension and a deeper connection to herself and life.

She loves to share TRE and Breathwork with others and offers this work with love, kindness, and compassion to all those who are drawn.
Instagram: deborah.maddison.healingspace

Alison Waring

Alison Waring first became interested in alternative medicine from her late Grandfather, an osteopath and naturopath, age eight.

Training in Osteopathy, Naturopathy, and Hypnotherapy, all helped to uncover the patterns of tension associated with the allergic asthma she suffered.

After discovering how to correct chronic hidden hyperventilation she recovered from an asthma attack in 3 minutes using a technique she blended from yogic breathing and the Buteyko method which inspired the creation of Dynamic Breath Release and authored Breathe with Ease.

She now teaches Buteyko and Rebirthing . She is a lifelong student and teacher of natural living and Breathwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When you go through the registration form, you’ll come across a room request form where you can request anyone you would like to share a room with. If you’re booking last minute we may not be able to accommodate your request but we promise to do the absolute best we can!

​If you have any food allergies, please list them in the relevant section on the registration form.

We’re sorry but due to high demand, your reservation is only confirmed once payment has been made and we cannot hold rooms for you.

Across the UK, October temperatures average a daily high of 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) and a low of 7 °C (44 °F).

Across the UK, October temperatures average a daily high of 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) and a low of 7 °C (44 °F).

Yes, in all accommodation types, at a 20% discount off the public pricing. Please email for enquiry.

Swimming pool, beautiful grounds, organic gardens, signed jogging route, library and quiet room… And many more

Check in is from 3.30pm on Thursday 6th October. Check out for guests is at 12:00pm on Friday 14th October.

Sorry, our accountant tells us this isn’t possible for a few different logistical reasons. One of them being the high fees we would both have to pay on every transaction.

Yes, as a new member, alumni student, or mentor – you can do that. Please note: graduating students are required to stay the full course duration to graduate.

We have clothes washing & drying machines available for guest’s use in the Stable Block between 8 am. and 1 pm

Smoking is only permitted under the Wellingtonia down the Garden Steps. Please do not smoke inside or outside of your room, in the common areas, or other areas of Gaunts House. Please do consider that smoking isn’t a part of our culture, and not encouraged.

Please keep in mind your well-being… This just isn’t the place for smoking, drugs, or alcohol. Like to have a glass of wine here and there? Sure. Though we trust you understand the nature of this work, and will not abuse the use of alcohol or drugs.

You are so very welcome, at exactly the stage you are at. You’ll be surrounded by graduates of Breathwork, who’s speciality is people just like you, just where you’re at. So, know the content and care is for two groups – both advanced (our graduates), and new members, who are at varying stages of experience (many breathing for the first time). Just know, you’ll be held and taken care of in a beautiful way from the very start of your breathwork journey! Exciting!


Wifi will run throughout the rooms at Gaunts House


Check in is from 3.30pm on Thursday 6th October


Program starts at 5.30pm on Thursday 6th October


Check out for guests is at 12:00pm on Friday 14th October.

Extra costs

Room upgrades

What should I bring?

Extra costs

Your stay is all-inclusive, except for:

Travel to and from Gaunts House

Gaunts House, Petersham Ln, Gaunts, Wimborne BH21 4JQ, United Kingdom

Life’s a journey – share it! We ask you all to consider your environment and the effect your travel has on it. Have you thought of car sharing?

Put this in your navigator:

Our closest rail station is Poole but there are also travel options from Southampton and Salisbury.

The site’s remoteness is part of what makes it so special, but it does mean that some planning is required if arriving by public transport. From All Airports there is a Coach service to Poole.


Ask the driver to drop you at the Handley Cross roundabout.

The bus leaves Salisbury (Endless Street, stop D) at: 08:40 | 13:10 | 16:10 | 17:50

Monday to Saturday, 25 minute journey, no service Sundays.


Bus Number 4 leaves from stand E in Poole bus station and runs every 30 minutes to Wimborne.

There is ample off-road parking. Cars will be parked at the owner's risk. Please don’t leave anything of value in your car.

COVID Compliance​

Ready to transform yourself?

UK Breathcamp

Gaunts House, Wimborne

October 6th - 14th, 2022


Alchemy of Breath reserves the right to change the order of events, faculty and staff.

As concerns payments and refunds, please refer to our refund policy:

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