REGISTER NOW: July 23rd-Aug 2nd
REGISTER NOW: Sept 3rd-Sept 13th

This year we’re offering a closed, tightly held space for our students at ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts), where you’ll come together with your peers for the final stage of training: Graduation. ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts) is a Retreat and Community Center located below a village in Southern Tuscany. This is 10 days of holistic learning you don’t want to miss. Let the history, flavors, and architecture of the Tuscan region ignite you, the raw, natural landscape nourish you, and our international community of like-minded graduates inspire you. 

There are 30 places available for each retreat, and they’re on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in booking, but want to wait a little longer before registering, then please let Amy at know. Basically we would LOVE to allow the space for ALL students wishing to graduate, who can attend ASHA this June, July or Sept 2021 and we will do our best to do so.

The Alchemy Student Graduation retreat has been highly curated to offer you the most holistic approach to healing and learning available.


  • Daily breathwork and education sessions: Unlock the power of conscious breathing as you already know it. Gain insights and awareness from holding space for your peers, from angeling support, and your personal breathwork practice. Deepen your knowledge with further workshops relating to your practice, including bodywork, appropriate touch, boundaries, and ethical practice, and increase your level of understanding tenfold as we work in person. Release any final unresolved blocks in your work, and become embodied in your expanded awareness.

  • Constructive, reflective feedback: Enjoy daily feedback circles to help you grow exponentially in self-awareness and inform your practice.
  • Opportunity to make changes in your life: Using fun exercises, deep inquiry, and the breath, learn what it feels like to work as a team with your fellow students and discover your unique way of offering the breath. Get traction where you need it most, and transform relationships into vibrant co-creativity in this loving, supportive, community of practice.
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions: An essential practice to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, these daily yoga/meditation sessions are a crucial tool in the development of self-awareness and healing process. 

  • Healthy, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinnerNourish yourself on all levels and fuel and energize your body while you work, with our healthy, nutrient-rich, plant-based meals every day. 

  • Comfortable, beautiful accommodation options: Book your place according to your budget and your personality. Some prefer shared rooms and dorms, others private space to replenish and restore. Whatever your preference, we can meet your needs. 

Put all your hard work and commitment to your studies into practice. With the guidance our team offers, you’ll develop the confidence to move from student to professional and offer breathwork to the world. Remember that first spark of interest, the moment when you first heard the call? Now you get to see the fruits of your inspiration manifest. Congratulations!

Please stay tuned for information on this BreathCamp. Once registered you will receive a full program for the Camp and a schedule once you arrive.


La Contea Degli Angeli

loc. Le Piane, snc

58034 Castell’azzara GR, Italy

Alchemy School of Healing Arts

ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts) is a Retreat and Community Center located about 700 meters above sea level, underneath the medieval village Castell’Azzara in Grosseto province in Southern Tuscany. The nearest airports are just over a two-hour drive from Florence and Rome.

The untouched surrounding forest and clean mountain air invite for deep and cleansing breaths. The center sits on a vast vein of spring water which assures lush green trees all year round. The accommodating traditional stone houses are generously spread over the property. Open nature areas invite you for contemplation and stunning clear night sky views. Due to its high location, beautiful views over Tuscan hills can be enjoyed. A natural pond and a refreshing swimming pool are on site. As a pioneer project in the region, ASHA is the cornerstone of a new initiative to regenerate the village – which is mostly uninhabited – into a thriving Intentional Community.

Castell’ Azzara

The village of Castell’Azzara was built between the 11th and 12th century and currently inhabits around 1400 people. Old castles, such as Rocca Silvana, renaissance churches, and Sassocolato cave, count as its main attractions. Characterizing the area is the surrounding lush forest in which caves and rivers can be visited.

A real nature highlight is the healing waters of world-famous Saturnia hot springs, which can be enjoyed within a 45-minute drive. Other hot springs, such as Bagni San Filippo are within a 40-minute driving distance. In about 1.5 hours you reach the Mediterranean beaches of Maremma.

Healthy, simple, and tasty whole-food, plant-based meals (both cooked and raw) will be served. All meals are made from scratch and prepared with fresh, seasonal, and locally grown organic ingredients when possible.


Sample daily schedule…

  • 7:00 – Yoga/Meditation (student led)

  • 8:00 – Breakfast

  • 10:00 – Breathwork/Workshops

  • 1:00 – Lunch

  • 2:30 – Breathwork/Workshops

  • 6:00 – Dinner

There will be half days off and a  full day off. This is for integration time, walks, warm water breathworks, exploring the local area, and completing home exploration.

Arrival day is a half-day with introductions, time to settle in, class at 17.15pm. Dinner will be the only meal served this day.

  • 10 nights shared accommodations

  • 10 healthy vegetarian breakfasts

  • 9 nutritious vegetarian lunches

  • 10 wholesome vegetarian dinners

  • Daily Breathwork sessions

  • The Bridge workshop with Anthony Abbagnano

  • 1:1 students coaching sessions with Anthony Abbagnano

  • Bodywork Training

  • Mind / Body Communication workshop

  • Warm Water Breathworks (optional)

  • Mandala Breathwork session

  • Intuition & nutrition workshop

  • Visit to local hot springs

  • Group dinner at the village pizzeria (dependent on covid regulations)

  • And lots lots more…….

  • Special one-on-one healing/bodywork sessions TBD at a later date – stay tuned!

​*Airfare and travel to and from airport not included

REGISTER NOW: July 23rd-Aug 2nd
REGISTER NOW: Sept 3rd-Sept 13th


Price per person for 10 day stay, including all meals and accommodation.

Bring Your Own Campervan

  • (Plus 5 euros /day with electricity to be paid in cash on site)

Single room en suite

  • Private 1-bed cottage Limited availability

Shared Room en suite

  • Single beds, 2/3 people sharing / price pp

Double Room

  • 2 people sharing one bed / price pp

*Airfare and travel to and from airport not included*



Teacher & Founder

Anthony Abbagnano is the founder of Alchemy of Breath. He’s also the founder of The Ark in Bali, Indonesia, a retreat center dedicated to community health and emerging consciousness, and of ASHA (Alchemy School of Healing Arts), a retreat and community center located underneath a medieval village in Southern Tuscany.

With 40 years of personal breathing practice and exploration, Anthony has explored many different styles of the breath, including rebirthing, LeBoyer, holotropic, transformational, Sufi breathing, and pranayama. Now he brings his life experience of motivational speaking, shamanic studies, clinical hypnotherapy, Bodytalk therapy, Conscious Loving coaching (Hendricks Institute), sound healing and medicine, and aromatherapy to his breathwork teachings and trainings.

As a result of his own healing journey, including his survival and transformation from a near-death experience, Anthony holds tender space for the depth of journey that some need to make as part of their healing path, transforming what has troubled them in the past into the joy and ecstasy that a breathwork practice provides.

Emily Ray Henderson

Emily  is a certified Wellness Counselor, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, 500 HR-RYT Yoga Instructor and Facilitator with The Kula Collective, & Alchemy of Breath Trainer.

Emily uses a compassionate and intuitive approach to integrate mind, body & spirit to assist people in making change, creating balance and finding joy and passion in life. 

Emily loves magic, cacao, dancing and connecting with nature and the ancient cultures of the world. She has a lightness of heart that is contagious and works gently but deeply with people through their transformation.  

Kerry Veitch

Kerry is an Alchemy of Breath Practitioner and a Facilitator Trainer. She has been connected to conscious connected breathwork since she was 19 and has also trained as a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner and energy therapist. She serves the British Rebirth Society as a committee member, and founded the first UK annual Festival that celebrates all kinds of Breathwork This year the event will be held in Glastonbury UK. Kerry now works with her aunt Lynn Veitch who has been a Breathwork practitioner for 40 years, hosting online events, and has her own 1:1 offerings, and weekly Thursday evening online breathwork sessions.

Pablo Castro

Pablo Castro is a breathwork facilitator and facilitator trainer with Alchemy of Breath. He has been with AOB for over 4 years now, cultivating, growing and sharing his passion for the work. Pablo offers online and in person breathwork on a one to one basis, group basis and with private retreats and events. He also leads events around the world for AOB. His main focus currently is in the Facilitator training of AOB where he leads the 8 month training with different groups.

“My own journey is deeply impacted when working with others and being immersed with a group for 8 months is pretty epic! The love for breathwork is ever growing and expanding as the understanding of how it all works and how deep it can truly go. I am honored to be walking this path!”

Hannah Kendaru

Hannah is an Indonesian-British facilitator currently living in the Gambia, West Africa.

Hannah creates spaces where she acknowledges the disparity, rejects racism and discrimination and works to create a more inclusive current in the process of unlearning.

Using direct experience for transformation, she is incurably fascinated by bringing people to step into their own process of unlearning to discover their ancestral power, strength and unconditional ability to love.


“This experience brought me a clear perception of the reality of my current situation. It gave me structure and calm. I let go of the ever-present control, feeling spacious, my outer and inner worlds together: the perfect ground to make important decisions and roll on light-heartedly with life. If someone thinks about giving it a try…just do it, don’t hesitate! Thanks to all the breathers, thanks to Anthony…you are my family”


“This is such an opportunity to connect to my self and to deal with so many emotional things. I feel all the things I’m attached to which have no purpose. All the fears and traumas that I have faced, I now feel blissful in the most complete way. The breath makes me focus on my true self and all my potential. Thank you all for the sharing, the love and the commitment.”


“Thank you, Anthony, once again every breath reveals and brings me closer to myself – and towards the language of my heart. There was a lot of understanding and forgiving, just perfect timing. Muchas gracias.”


“I gather with my child and melt each other by breathing together, exhaling loud. His fear was ‘growing up’ and reached the realization that he is me so it is our fear ‘taking responsibility for my life’. Thank you very much, Anthony. Every time we work together new windows are opening. Gratitude.”


Yes we really encourage you to come for the full 10 days to gain the full experience, but we understand people have varying circumstances at the moment so we request a minimum of 6 days to graduate.

Guests are advised to stay onsite as there is plenty of accommodation and you can gain more from your experience by living with fellow students, providing a supportive community for everyone.

​Yes. When you go through the registration form, you’ll come across a room request form where you can request anyone you would like to share a room with. If you’re booking last minute we may not be able to accommodate your request but we promise to do the absolute best we can!

​If you have any food allergies, please list them in the relevant section on the registration form.

Please bring and wear a facemask in order to travel on public transport in Italy at the moment

When you arrive, we thoroughly recommend you rent a car in order to get the best from your stay as you can explore the local area. If you would like to rent a car, please use the ASHA BreathCamp facebook group to get a carpool together, we have found this works well. 


From ROME – Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

On the Trenitalia website select:

Departure station: FIUMICINO AEROPORTO


=> The journey is about 2h 45min with 1 change at Roma Tiburtina

From PISA – Pisa Airport (PSA)

On the Trenitalia website select:



=> The journey is between 3h and 4h, with 2 or 3 changes

From FLORENCE – Florence Airport (FLR)

First, get a Shuttle from the airport to Santa Maria Novella Train Station (about 20 minutes, they run

every hour) operated by Busitalia. Tickets are available either directly at the airport (we are not entirely sure where – maybe Newsstand) or via this website:

Then, on the Trenitalia website select:

Departure station: FIRENZE S.M. NOVELLA


=> The journey is between 1h30min and 2h, you can find a direct train or change once

If you get to CHIUSI-CHIANCIANO TERME Train Station we can pick you up by car if you have not managed to make other arrangements. (it is about 1h away from ASHA).


– Please inform us well in advance about your arrival date and time at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme Train Station: Whatsapp/Phone no. +44 7963 788011

– The charge for this service is: EUR 75 if travelling alone (small car) / EUR 100 if travelling in groups of two or more – this can be split amongst the travellers (big van)

The pool will be open but not heated. With its 12 metres it is long enough to swim some laps.

  1. Prescription medications: Please be sure to bring an ample supply of your medications.
  2. Clothing For Indoors: We recommend loose-fitting, comfortable, and layered clothing and house slippers/sliders for spaces where shoes are not permitted.
  3. Personal Toiletries (including mosquito repellant)
  4. Battery-powered Alarm Clock
  5. Non-Breakable Water Bottle. Please make sure your water bottle has a tight-fitting lid.
  6. Notebook and Pens
  7. A torch
  8. Long trousers and walking shoes if you wish to venture out across the land
  9. Sturdy shoes (waterproof if possible) if you wish to go walking
  10. Towels for swimming and swim suit / mask & snorkel for warm water breathwork
  11. Travel and medical insurance. Please make sure that you are covered!
  12. Travel adapter for those booking from outside the EU
We have Wi-Fi that is accessible in the Main House at ASHA only.  Our Wi-Fi does not extend to the additional buildings or across the land on property. Keeping this in mind, we recommend including enough data in your phone plan for all your internet needs while you are staying with us on site at ASHA.
Everyone on the ASHA team uses their own 4G hotspot for work purposes as it is the only reliable option. Depending on the duration of your stay and how connected you need to be, if you are planning to stay here for a longer duration, we recommend purchasing an Italian SIM card from TIM Mobile using the “International Base Plan” which gives 50GB of data and unlimited calls/SMS per month for €11,99.

We realise this years travel requirements could be very different from country to country. Most upto date form the Italian Govt can be found here:

Please keep up to date with required paperwork / testing that may be necessary either on exit or entry. For those that do not need a negative test upon entry we will be offering   a lateral flow test upon arrivals at ASHA. All planning and logistics for the breathcamp will be compliant with current COVID-19 regulations.

For those who may need to take a private test before leaving Italy there are a few locations that we are currently aware of. Please be aware that you will need to be responsible for arranging any transportation that may be needed. (Car hire/ Car share)
Pisa Airport from 9am to 12pm every day at check-in A (so you can take it Friday if able to arrive before 12)
From 12pm to 2pm at Montefiascone (laboratorio analisi Manzi) they can take the test, reservation needed – is about 1hr away from ASHA

ASHA Is 100% vegetarian. Please don’t bring animal products into the main kitchen, or ask to keep them in the main fridge. Though, it’s ok if you do, just keep it in your own room and fridge. If you’re sharing a room, please be considerate of your roommate, and be sure they first agree.

We’re sorry but it’s not possible to do that. Check-in is open from 12:00 pm.

Checkout for all Breathcamps is at 11am on the last day. 

​We’re sorry but due to high demand, your reservation is only confirmed once payment has been made and we cannot hold rooms for you.


Alchemy of Breath reserves the right to change the order of events, faculty and staff. Participants are advised to take out their own travel insurance.

As concerns payments and refunds, please refer to our refund policy: