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Learn to understand, manage, and transform anxiety in just 10 days!

What if anxiety is not personal? How would your life change if you transformed the energy of anxiety into something positive – what would you choose?  

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Alchemy of Breath has developed a powerful 10-day Transformers course that will help you transcend anxiety. In this course, you will gain simple yet powerful self-inquiry, mind-body and breath-based tools to transform the energy of anxiety into something positive and productive. In just 10 days, you will free yourself from the grapples of anxiety and establish a newfound sense of calm and ease in your life.

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In this Transformers: Transforming Anxiety online course you will:

First, learn to Understand

  • What anxiety is
  • Where it comes from (the source)
  • The role of breath and anxiety 
  • How anxiety manifests and feels in your body
  • The relationship between your inner child and anxiety
  • How to develop and strengthen your inner resilience
  • How to open up the body archive 
  • The benefits of feeling gratitude

Then learn to Recognize

  • When anxiety first arises
  • Why it arises
  • The specific causes and sources of anxiety in your life
  • Where anxiety resides in your body

Then gain powerful coping Techniques to dissolve anxiety, including:

  • A toolkit of breath practices you can use when anxiety arises to activate the relaxation response of your body and build your resilience to stress
  • How to be present (the best way to conquer anxiety is to be present, with the breath)

  • Powerful, yet simple tools to face future challenges with greater confidence and ease

  • How to rearrange your thought processes in favor of new possibilities

  • How to dissolve anxiety by shifting your perspective

  • How to measure your accomplishments rather than where you fall short

  • Build up your anxiety immunity so you experience the feeling less often

  • How to cultivate and maintain inner peace in all of life’s situation.

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Want to be anxiety-free in just 10 days? Get started now for just $129!


The 10 days of the course are as follows:

What is Breathwork? How to cultivate breath awareness and why it’s your most powerful ally against anxiety.

Tapping Into the Felt Sense. You will learn a meditation to bring the breath back into awareness, to open up to the subconscious, and adjust old programs that fuel your anxiety. 

Cultivating Positivity and Gratitude – We will explore gratitude and tap into a positive memory that you have and find out where that feeling lives in your body. This will be an important part of your toolkit and we’ll be embodying that with a short meditation that will be a powerful tool that you can use in your daily life.

The Transformer Breath – You will learn  a Breath Practice that you can use to become more present and dissolve anxiety at its onset.

The BIG Process – The BIG Process is a process to undertake during times of anxiety, overwhelm, fear or when you feel triggered. It is used in the present time, as well as going back to times in the past when these feelings were present and the breath was lost.

An Acknowledgment Practice – We will expand on your commitment to measure your accomplishments rather than where you fall short and learn how to halt the anxiety spiral.

Reclaiming Your Power – We are going to move away from looking to solutions outside of ourselves and move towards seeking the solutions within us.  Doing this allows us to reclaim our power and move into the rescuer and creator role. 

Building Your Anxiety Toolkit – You will learn the Hummingbird Breath, the Extended Big Process, Transformer Breath Level 2, and a powerful affirmatory sentence you can use to instantly transform anxiety.

Deepening Your Toolkit – You will learn how to build breath awareness, and work on integrating lessons 1 through 8 so you can conclude this journey fully in your power.

A Conscious Connected Breathwork Session – You will go on a deep inner journey, connect with a higher wisdom, and return home with a renewed sense of resilience and inner peace.

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Want to be anxiety-free in just 10 days? Get started now for just $129!

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Meet your teacher Anthony Abbagnano – Breathwork Guru and Founder of Alchemy of Breath

Having been a breather for decades, Anthony first incorporated Breathwork into his other practices in 2012. The founder of Alchemy of Breath, Anthony and his facilitation team have successfully taken Breathwork into festivals, yoga spaces, the corporate world, prisons, the Psychedelic Society, hospitals and to the dying.

Driven by his passion to awaken the whole world to the miraculous gift of the Breath, Anthony is the pioneer of #BreatheTheWorld, an initiative to uplift world consciousness that has introduced Online Breathwork to thousands around the globe in over 40 countries to date.

His work is noted for its application in the fields of addiction, trauma release, transformation, personal empowerment, the integration of psychotropic and plant medicine experiences, and the opening of humanity’s hope for a heart-centered harmonious existence. Anthony has a unique and profound way of seeing and loving people, life, and the world.

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Who is Alchemy of Breath?

Alchemy of Breath is a world leader in online Breathwork facilitator training and has developed several holistic courses that utilize Breathwork as their foundation. Each program works with the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of the self, on everything from unlocking trauma in the body to understanding the limiting beliefs of the mind, to finding your higher purpose in life. 

The practices taught by Alchemy of Breath were developed by amalgamating the most effective Breathwork patterns from different styles around the world. By working with Alchemy of Breath, you’ll discover a natural remedy for stress and anxiety, and culitvate greater self-awareness, love, and compassion, improved relationships, and enhanced wellbeing all from the comfort of your own home.

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Get started now for just $129! Saving $50 today!

Want to be anxiety-free in just 10 days? Get started now for just $129!

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Anxiety is Enthusiasm without the Breath

- Fritz Pearl

What’s Included?

Discover a natural remedy for anxiety, old pain, and grief to experience greater clarity, connection and sense of wellbeing.

5 hours of in-depth, on-demand video training with proven techniques and practices to dissolve anxiety.

A full conscious, connected Breathwork session where you will be guided on a deep inner journey, access your subconscious programming, and address anxiety at it’s root.

A Generalized Anxiety Questionnaire to measure where you are at as well as your progress.

Breath awareness exercises to bring you into the moment, where anxiety cannot exist.

Several Breath Practices to transform the energy of anxiety into something positive and productive.

A Transforming Anxiety Workbook with self-inquiry questions, practices, and exercises.